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This easy dish is perfect for a Superbowl party or to serve as an appetizer at your next family get-together: The twist on the classic meatball subs will simply delight your kids! Not only is this dish tasty, it's also really easy to throw together at the last minute. These subs on a stick are a great way to add a little twist to a traditional sandwich dish.
With precooked meatballs and three other ingredients composing this dish, this couldn't get any simpler. Easy portion control: That's an added bonus.
Check out the Fun Foods' recipe below, and make sure to watch the video at the end for a visual on how to put together these skewer-friendly sandwiches.
Meatball sub on a stick
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Total time: 35 minutes
Serves: 4
12 to 15 precooked meatballs
1 can seamless crescent rolls (or breadstick dough)
Marinara sauce (optional)
1. Place 12 to 15 frozen, precooked meatballs onto a baking sheet.
2. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 8 minutes (this will just soften the meat for the next step).
3. Lay the crescent roll dough flat. Cut the dough into 1-inch wide strips (longways).
4. Lay a strip of dough on your working surface. Fold one end of your dough about an inch in. Use a skewer to poke through the dough in this spot.
5. Add a meatball to the top of the skewer. Fold your dough over and onto the skewer, and add another meatball. Keep repeating this step, alternating folding the dough and adding meatballs.
6. Add as many meatballs as you want for your minisub, (three or four work well). When you reach your last meatball, fold the dough over twice then push the skewer through another inch further to ensure your food stays on the skewer.
7. Pinch off the remaining dough and set aside.
8. Repeat steps 4 to 7 until you've used all of your meatballs.
9. Place them on a cooking sheet and bake for 12 to 15 minutes.
10. Remove the subs from the oven, sprinkle with a bit of cheese and bake for another 3 minutes.
11. Serve with warm marinara sauce.
Pro tip: If you want to get fancy, you could brush your dough with a bit of butter and garlic before baking.
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