6 stellar vegetarian dishes that will make you drool

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1. Zucchini chips
Zucchini doesn't really come to mind when you're thinking about satisfying one of those insatiable cravings, does it? Well, if you believe that, it's probably because you've never come across a recipe like this one.
Full recipe: Zucchini chips
2. Parmesan tomatoes
Not only is this tomato recipe easy and fast (just 20 minutes total!), it also is filling and delicious. It's the perfect healthy, vegetarian appetizer or side dish. There are only a few calories per halved tomato, but that doesn't mean they don't have countless properties: They are a great source of vitamin C and are known for being packed with antioxidants and having multiple benefits for heart health.
Full recipe: Parmesan tomatoes
3. Roasted Brussels sprouts with baby potatoes
While Brussels sprouts are far from the most popular vegetable in the world, this vitamin-packed veggie can be quite tasty if prepared the right way. This is a great side dish to serve at your next party!
4. Vegetarian enchiladas
Many traditional enchilada recipes are made with shredded beef or chicken. But you can have a tasty Mexican dinner without using meat. This vegetarian enchilada casserole is simple, tasty and perfect for those nights when you want something a little more filling.
This dish is ready to serve in about an hour, and you may already have many of the ingredients on hand.
5. Potato lollipops
These vegetarian potato pops are a real treat and awesome party snack. Serve with a toothpick and turn them into a lollipop.
Full recipe: Potato lollipops
6. Easy vegetarian egg bake
A tasty egg bake or "oven omelet" is the perfect way to feed a crowd for breakfast or brunch, and it's very adaptable to varying tastes. Below you'll find our very own easy vegetarian egg bake.
Rich in protein and filled with vegetables — what's not to like?
Full recipe: Easy vegetarian egg bake
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