How to make the best Southern-style green beans in town

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Southern-style green beans are one of my favorite side dishes. Sweet green beans are slowly simmered with bacon or ham so they pick up the great flavor of the smoky meat. When I was in college in Tennessee, we used to use canned green beans to speed up the process, but now I pick my beans out of the garden and simmer the fresh beans for an hour or two.
Southern-style braised green beans
Just four ingredients turn green beans into a slow cooker side people go crazy for.
Slow cooker green bean casserole
Start with green beans in a slow cooker, but the next two ingredients make this recipe special.
Best fried chicken
Chef makes the best fried chicken every time. Watch the video below to learn his secret ingredient.
Dump finished mac n' cheese on the counter for an addictive twist on a Southern classic
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You are going to love how easy it is to whip this dish together, plus the result is too cute for words. Everybody at the table can have their own mini portion of this classic Southern favorite.
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