7 heavenly Southern recipes that guests will go gaga over

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1. "Better Than Popeyes" Fried Chicken
What is it about "southern" fried chicken that is so amazing? In addition to the spicy flavor, it seems that southern fried chicken always has an incredibly crispy outside and super-tender inside -- how is it done?
The secret is in a buttermilk marinade. The lactic acid in buttermilk is a great meat tenderizer, and its tangy flavor deliciously complements the coating on the chicken. Watch the video to see exactly how to put buttermilk to work for you in creating fried chicken that's "better than Popeyes!"
2. 3-Ingredient Honey Glazed Ham
Laura in the Kitchen
Getting the perfect honey-glazed flavor for your ham can change the whole meal. The simple-to-make glaze from Laura in the Kitchen only needs four ingredients (counting the ham). At less than 30 minutes of prep time, the extra effort will definitely go a long way!
3. Mini Chicken Pot Pies
Chicken pot pie is definitely a go-to Southern dish, whether it's for a potluck or a weekday dinner. However, what if we told you that this delicious meal of flaky goodness can be made even easier? An alternative is to transform the dish into mini pies with a few simple ingredients.
You are going to love how easy it is to whip this dish together, plus the result is too cute for words. Everybody at the table can have their own mini portion of this classic Southern favorite.
4. Southern-style hush puppies
With less than 10 ingredients, these hush puppies can be on your dinner table in no time. Just a Pinch recommends serving with butter and some fried fish -- the Southern way, of course.
5. Creamy Southern Pasta Salad
What's not to love about pasta salad? The texture and flavor makes this dish the perfect complement to your Southern meal.
6. Texas Roadhouse Rolls
There's nothing quite like the smell of warm bread out of the oven. These easy rolls are fantastic -- just 15 mins of prep and 20 mins of cook time.
7. Peach Cobbler
You aren't from the South if you don't end the day with peach cobbler. The most decadent way to end a meal to say the least. Love the sweetness of the peach paired with the crumble.
Full Recipe: Peach Cobbler
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