3 tricks to keep cookies moist

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Everyone knows the best cookies are fresh cookies. Preferably still warm, gooey and a little crunchy around the edges. And while we'll still happily munch on a few-day-old, somewhat-stale cookie, nothing beats that fresh out of the oven taste.
The problem is achieving that taste days after your batch. Putting them in Tupperware or a tin keeps some of the moisture in, but they still become susceptible to staleness. Plastic bags don't really work either, as they slowly leak air that takes all the moisture with it.
If you've perfected your cookie recipe but not your storage method, this article's for you. Check out these three tricks here.
1. The tortilla trick
It sounds crazy, but it's crazy enough to work. Well, that's what the folks over at America's Test Kitchen say at least.
Somehow, this group of chefs figured out that if you place a cookie tin with layers of parchment paper and tortillas between your famous cookies, they'll stay gooey and fresh like you made them the night before. It works because the moisture from the tortilla seeps into the air in the container keeping the cookies nice and soft. It's super simple, too! Here's how to do it.
1. Cut pieces of parchment paper to the size of your cookie tin and tortilla
2. Layer the first layer of the tin with parchment paper, a tortilla and another piece of parchment paper
3. Layer your cookies in so they cover the whole layer
4. Repeat the layer of parchment paper, tortilla and parchment paper until you get to the top of the tin
5. Put the top on the tin and let the tortilla work its magic.
Check out the super quick video here
2. The pudding trick
Unlike the tip above, we don't suggest putting pudding on top of your cookies to keep them moist. Instead, the insightful bloggers over at Cookie.com say you should mix a packet of vanilla pudding into your cookie mix. They say the pudding helps make the cookies extra gooey and soft, while at the same time helping the cookies retain extra moisture even after you've placed them in a container.
3. The bread trick
Similar to the tortilla trick, the bread works the same way here. The cooks and bloggers over at Cooks Illustrated explain that the cookies will suck up the moisture from the bread, keeping them nice and fresh for days.
But, this trick is different from the tortilla trick because you need less bread. Since the slices are thicker, you really only need a half a piece, one full piece max. Plus, you should also store your cookies in a tightly zipped plastic bag for this one, too.
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