In 2 easy steps, make the best slow cooker potatoes in town

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The chipotle chili pepper is a special little pepper. It's a jalepeno that's been smoked and dried. It's an amazing pepper that can add so much punch and flavor to almost any dish. That smokiness can liven up any dish and bring it to the next level. In the recipe below we use chipotle to spice up potatoes! The recipe is so simple using only 3 ingredients.
You can use yellow or russets potatoes for this recipe. I like to use russet for this recipe. You can also use chipotles in adobo sauce for extra flavor but you'll need a blender to blend the chilies together. For this recipe I used ground chipotle powder and add in some lime to bring some acidy to the smokiness. Season with salt and pepper and 3 hours later in the slow cooker you'll be a happy camper.
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Slow Cooker Chipotle Potatoes
15 minutes
3 hours
3 hours 15 minutes
2 pounds russet potatoes peeled and large diced
1½ tablespoon chipotle powder
1 lime juiced
Salt and pepper to taste
In a 6 quart slow cooker add in all ingredients. Season with salt and pepper and mix well.
Cook on high for 3 hours.
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