10 heavenly slow cooker pot roast recipes you'll crave again and again

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Slow cookers are famous for tasty meals, minimal prep and hassle-free cooking. In particular, they can turn cheap cuts of beef into the most mouthwatering and tender of meals. Naysayers criticize the long cook times, but slow cooker addicts recognize the appeal of "set-it-and-forget-it" cooking.
By setting the timer, a slow cooker user can still go out for a day of errands and other chores that fill busy lives. During that time, the meat can have the freedom to break down and marinate in the pot. Needless to say, these are just a few reasons to follow one of the 10 receipes below.
1. Seasoned pot roast
Eye round of beef is a fairly lean cut, perfect for this tasty recipe that makes the most of a mustard-and-herb coating caramelized in a hot pan to dial up the flavor even more. The cooking process couldn't be more simple, and this dish easily provides a stress-free Sunday meal.
Use red wine to deglaze the pan if you have an open bottle; the alcohol will burn off during the browning process and leave a more complex, savory residue, adding even more taste to the finished dish.
Full recipe: Seasoned pot roast
2. Tomato Parmesan pot roast
This recipe takes the magic of sun-dried tomatoes and combines them with Parmesan cheese to make a beautiful crust. Paired with garlic and fresh rosemary, the flavors of this pot roast are sure to wow just about everyone. Let the roast rest for at least 10 minutes before slicing and serving. This step is super important in keeping your roast nice and moist.
3. Parmesan crusted pot roast
Most serious slow cooker recipes call for searing or browning meat before adding it to a slow cooker. Is it absolutely necessary? No. But for those who have the time, the added flavor and texture makes it well worth the effort. Does that mean you can't ever get a "perfect" roast without firing up your burners? The answer to that is an emphatic "no!"
This recipe for Parmesan crusted beef will get you just that. Not only do you get the rich flavors from the cheese and herbs, you don't have to turn on anything other than the trusty slow cooker.
4. Red wine pot roast
Pot roast is a staple because of its ease and simplicity. But instead of cooking it in your oven, this super-easy slow cooker recipe is packed with the rich flavor of red wine and all the sweet and tangy goodness of onions and potatoes. After a full day of roasting in the slow cooker, this entire dish is going to melt in your mouth.
The meat is going to almost become creamy in your mouth. Pair this dish with a nice, crunchy garlic bread that will add some texture and soak up all those incredible juices.
Full recipe: Red wine pot roast
5. Classic pot roast
When there's a chill in the air (or you just get a craving for a delicious, meaty meal), a classic pot roast fills the bill. The secret to making a great roast is simple: time.
Full recipe: Classic pot roast
6. Easy pot roast
With just a few simple ingredients, you could be on your way to enjoying a delicious pot roast, made with the ease of a slow cooker. This particular recipe was designed with maximum convenience in mind: The gravy is made using seasoning packets. Although there might be other ways to make gravy, getting this incredible blend of flavors couldn't be easier.
Full recipe: Easy pot roast
7. Mississippi pot roast
We all love pot roast, but this Southern classic straight out of Mississippi will knock your socks off. The recipe below only takes 10 minutes to prep but has an immense flavor that your family won't forget. By the time it finishes cooking, the meat will be fork-tender.
This chuck roast is cooked slowly in an array of spices with mild heat and tang from pepperoncini peppers. It becomes an instant classic in any home. Easy ingredients packed with flavor make it hard to go wrong.
8. Sweet and sour pot roast
This meal takes 10 hours to cook, so it's the perfect dish to prepare in the morning before heading to work. Sometimes, the added (albeit hands-off) time is a real bonus, and one of the joys of owning a slow cooker is that it does all of the work while you take care of your workday needs. This dish serves beautifully with a dollop of sour cream for the veggies and some fresh parsley to finish.
9. Tender pot roast with onions
In this recipe, a slurry with cornstarch and water is kicked up a notch by adding Worcestershire sauce. The cornstarch thickens all the natural juices from the roast and veggies as they slowly cook. Let the roast sit for at least 10 minutes after cooking to keep it moist before slicing and serving. If you have time, give the meat a good sear in a hot pan before putting it into the slow cooker for an even tastier roast.
10. Mustard sauce pot roast
For this dish, you start with the sauce. Mixing together butter, flour, beef broth and mustard provides the base. Onions and thyme are added for aromatics, and more mustard can be rubbed onto the meat while seasoning it with salt and pepper. Searing the meat is a choice, but if you have the time it leads to better flavor and color and helps keep the beef moist while cooking. The drippings add a great flavor to the gravy. In the last hour of cooking, adding a few dollops of sour cream to the gravy gives it a rich creaminess that will make your family say "Wow!"
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