10 crazy good slow cooker meatball recipes that will happily surprise you

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Now I know meatballs aren't exactly the first thing that pops into your head when you think slow cooker. These 10 recipes below will happily surprise you! Slow cooking these meatballs make them wonderfully delicious because the process allows the meatballs to truly soak up all the yummy goodness they are cooked in.
The meatballs just absorb all that flavor, which seeps right into the center of the meatball. We cover everything from barbecue meatballs, cheese stuffed, stroganoff, pizza and even spaghetti! Underneath each recipe below, we also include a video, so you can follow along and see our mouthwatering end result.
1. Honey buffalo meatballs
These meatballs are a variation of a popular recipe. I use ground pork along with ground beef and replace the marmalade or preserves that are typically used with applesauce — the perfect pairing with pork. I find homemade meatballs a little too soft when they go into the slow cooker raw, so I brown mine in the oven first. If you want more of a "dump and cook" recipe, just add the meat raw or use store-bought meatballs.
2. Spaghetti and meatballs
Spaghetti and meatballs is a classic dish that's both tasty and filling. If you don't like spending too much time in the kitchen, or you already have a whole plethora of things on your to-do list, this easy, slow spaghetti recipe is perfect for you.
3. Spicy bbq meatballs
Keep some meatballs on hand in your freezer, and you'll have a weekday meal that requires zero effort any time you need one. You can easily toss frozen meatballs into the slow cooker, and their texture is perfect when they come out hours later. From there, you can add just about any sauce you want, but this spicy barbecue sauce is a constant favorite!
4. BBQ jelly meatballs
This slow cooker meatball recipe calls for BBQ sauce and grape jelly. Grape jelly? Yep! It's the easiest sweet-and-sour meatball dish that you will ever make! This is the perfect dish for a family gathering, the big game, a birthday party or another celebration. Either make your own meatballs or use frozen, and then cover with BBQ sauce and grape jelly for this tasty treat.
Full Recipe: BBQ jelly meatballs
5. Stroganoff meatballs
These stroganoff-style meatballs are so darn delicious that your family will be running home for dinner! There are many variations of beef stroganoff, the traditional creamy beef dish that originated in Russia in the 19th century, but the recipe below is one of my faves. Served over rice or egg noodles, it is incredibly satisfying. It truly is the ultimate comfort food!
6. Taco meatballs
I love tacos. I love meatballs. Let's make taco meatballs! With only three easy steps, the recipe below may become your next go-to party dish. Ground beef, taco seasoning, onions, cheese, tomato and chilies pack a punch of classic taco flavors all bundled up into perfect little meatballs. Serve these babies up for your next sporting event, birthday, or anytime for that matter! They won't disappoint.
Full recipe: Taco meatballs
7. Pineapple soy meatballs
In this recipe, cornstarch replaces flour for silkier meatballs, while cornmeal adds structure. These tasty bites make a great appetizer skewered with toothpicks and pieces of the cooked pineapple. They also make a satisfying meal served with white rice and steamed vegetables.
8. Chipotle meatballs
These spicy chipotle meatballs will knock your socks off! And so easy to make! These are the perfect party snacks for the next birthday, pool party or tailgate. The chipotle chile powder adds a wonderfully smoky flavor with just the right amount of spice. The cilantro cream dipping sauce adds an amazing creamy zip to the meatballs. They are so good that you may just need to make extra for those hungry mouths!
Full Recipe: Chipotle meatballs
9. Pizza meatballs
In this recipe, we take everything we love about pizza and put it into a meatball. Yes, a pizza meatball. You heard it right. We dice up pepperoni, and mix it with ground beef and spices. Then, we fill the meatball with fresh mozzarella cheese and simmer it nice and slow in marinara sauce. When you break into the meatball, the melted fresh cheese comes oozing out.
Full Recipe: Pizza meatballs
10. Cheese-stuffed meatballs
The cheese in this recipe will stay intact until you cut the meatball open to reveal the surprise inside! If you want to serve them in sauce, just pour over before setting the slow cooker, or you can choose to serve it on the side as a dip.
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