10 super easy, tasty slow cooker recipes

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Not all great recipes need an insane amount of ingredients to make a delicious meal. The saying "less is more" is also applicable to food in many ways. Highlighting the natural flavors of the ingredients and pairing them with other ingredients that compliment one another is a beautiful thing.
Below you will find 10 recipes that require 7 ingredients or less to prepare. Sometimes the simplest things are the best things. Underneath each recipe, we include a video, so you can follow along and see what we make!
1. Tomato Parmesan pot roast
In this recipe, we take the magic of sun-dried tomatoes and combine them with Parmesan cheese to make a beautiful crust on the roast. Paired with garlic and fresh rosemary, the flavors of this pot roast are sure to wow just about everyone. Make sure to let your roast rest for at least 10 minutes before slicing and serving. This step is super important in keeping your roast nice and moist.
2. Hawaiian chicken tacos
This Hawaiian chicken taco recipe doesn't get any easier than this: chicken breast, BBQ sauce and fresh pineapple. Done! Serve up this super easy-to-make dish at your next Super Bowl Party, birthday extravaganza or anytime in between. Delicious! Your family and friends will be doing the hula dance after eating these yummy tacos.
3. Orange marmalade chicken
With mouth-puckering citrus and savory chicken meat, this recipe will become a go-to. Not only is it delicious, but it's also easy and convenient to make. Prep takes just minutes, and then you let it cook low and slow in the slow cooker for the afternoon.
4. Salsa chicken
This four-ingredient shredded chicken recipe uses salsa and smoky paprika to season the chicken and keep it juicy as it cooks. The end result doesn't have to be for tacos: You could easily use this chicken to make a delicious BBQ sandwich, add extra broth and vegetables to create chicken noodle soup, or combine it with corn, black beans and a creamy cilantro dressing for a fun Southwestern-style chicken salad. The possibilities are endless!
5. Root beer BBQ pork ribs
The root beer in this recipe really makes it stand out. It not only adds a sweetness along with earthy flavors from the spices in the root beer, but it tenderizes! It's amazing how it cooks the ribs to the perfect texture of falling apart and melting in your mouth.
6. Buffalo ranch chicken wings
This simple recipe will knock your socks off with that buffalo spice and cooling ranch flavor! It's a breeze to make, taking close to no time to put together. It's the go-to recipe for quick tasty chicken wings when you've a got little time and a crowd of people coming over for the game!
7. Creamy bacon ranch chicken
We have a delicious dilemma for you. How will you eat this creamy, fabulous chicken? We've prepared a recipe for a ranch chicken with bacon and cheese that makes a great sandwich. But why stop there? Use it for nachos, wraps and even pasta!
8. Cherry dump cake
This amazing recipe for cherry dump cake is sure to get your mouth watering! This recipe is beyond simple -- no stirring or baking required! Let the slow cooker do all the work. The hardest part is waiting for it to be done!
9. Creamy pork chops
These creamy, tender and delicious pork chops are made right at home in your slow cooker! The recipe is a sure keeper. Only 10 mins of prep time required! These pork chops are so easy to make. In only four steps, you have a great meal that your kids will love.
10. Turtles candies
This recipe is as easy as dumping pecans and chocolate chips in a slow cooker and letting it all melt for an hour. Add chewy caramel candies, spoon onto parchment and cool in the fridge. That's it! In less than two hours, you have nutty morsels of chocolate. The pecans give these candies a wonderful texture, while the almond sprinkles give them great crunch. Finally, the caramel bits add milky-sweet creaminess.
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