People think sliding barn doors cost thousands of dollars. Here are 5 projects that prove them wrong

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Barn doors are the latest must-have in home décor. Made popular by Joanna Gaines on HGTV's Fixer Upper, this farmhouse feature can be adapted to fit any style home.
Spending time in the home improvement store will show you that DIY kits are expensive -- and often don't feature high-quality products. These 5 barn door projects from your home will get you the look at a fraction of the cost.
1. Black bypass doors
Jennifer Allwood at The Magic Brush was shocked at the price of barn door kits. The bypass ones she wanted cost $1,600 to purchase online and that didn't include any installation. Her husband created the beautiful black ones with a simple trip to the store and an afternoon of work. Her step by step tutorial features pictures outlining the entire process. The result is chic, easy to keep clean and adds an interest point to her home. ​
2. Ultimate budget sliding barn door
You can create a rich look on a small budget by upgrading a hollow-core door into a beautiful sliding barn door. The use of the hollow door is not only cheaper, but also reduces the weight of the door on the hardware. You can find the tutorial here.
3. Stainless hardware sliding barn doors
It is almost impossible to believe that Paper Daisy Design created this sliding barn door with upscale stainless steel hardware for only $50. The look adds a sleek, modern look to a traditional farmhouse item. You can do it yourself by following her tutorial.
4. Traditional sliding barn doors
When you think barn doors, you think of the diagonal bracing that holds the door pieces together. Gail Wilson at My Repurposed Life built her doors from scratch and then installed them with hardware purchased from Tractor Supply Co. The result is a traditional barn door architecture. The galvanized hardware is rustic, yet slightly modern. See how she builds the doors here and follow her installation process here.
5. Rustic barn doors
Jenna Sue Design Co. has done all the work for you. She loves the building process of creating her own barn doors. The rustic barn doors featured here use a rustic barn wood. Visit her blog and you will find the layouts and prints for several different sizes and types of barn doors. She has laid it all out for you in easy to read barn door tutorials.
If you love the look of barn doors and love to stick to your budget, these sliding door projects are ideal for your home. Share with others how you create a beautiful home on a budget on Facebook!
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