Yes, there's a right way to vacuuming carpet. Here are 8 tricks

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My vacuuming tactics usually involve shoving my machine around the room as fast as possible followed by a quick sweep around the edges of the furniture with the hose attachment. Apparently, my tried and true tactics are mostly wrong (at least according to these tricks).
If you'd like to get vacuum results you've only dreamed of, check out a few of these handy tips.
1. Vacuum around the edges first
Slip that narrow-mouthed edge tool on the hose of your vacuum and trace the edges of your carpet across the base board, according to I Dream of Clean. Skipping the edges of your carpet routinely could lead to dirt build up that's more difficult to remove later on.
2. Change your pattern
Vacuuming willy-nilly style is largely ineffective. To get the best results, start in a corner (away from the door) the vacuum left to right. When you get to the front of the room, turn and vacuum front to back. In other words: go vertical, then go horizontal. You'll hit the fibers of the carpet from a different angle, ensuring you pick up everything.
3. Change your vacuum bag before it's full
Don't wait until you vacuum bag is stuffed full before switching it out. If the bag gets too full, you could clog the hose. Aim to switch your bag (or empty your canister) when it's about 3/4 of the way full, Allergy and Air recommends.
4. Check your settings
Most vacuums have a setting that allows you to change how high off the floor the base sits, marked low to high. If your vacuum is too low, you won't get enough airflow. If it's too high, the suction won't be close enough to the surface to work well. You can usually adjust the settings via a knob or pedal. Thick carpet requires a higher setting, whereas thin carpet and hardwood should be set low.
5. Dust first
This should go without saying... but I'll say it anyway: do your dusting before you vacuum so that your machine can pick up any stray dust particles from the carpet.
6. Change your filter every three months
Speaking of dust... if your vacuum comes with a removable filter, change it every three months or so to keep the air in your home dust free.
7. Check your brush roll before you start
Flip your cleaner on it's back and take a peek at the roll. Make sure there is no hair or string tangled on the bottom. If the roller is tied up it won't work and your carpets won't get clean. Plus, you could break your vacuum, according to Good Housekeeping.
8. Understand your vacuum cleaner attachments
If you've ever been confused by the extra attachments, you're not alone. Believe it or not, they all have a use (even that funky looking one with bristles). The most common attachments you're likely to have are:
-Crevice tool: The super skinny, angled tip helps you get into small spaces, the edges of baseboards and inside furniture.
-Extension wand: This tool just makes your hose longer so you can reach further. You can typically attach your other tools to this so you can reach anywhere.
-Dusting brush: The funky-looking one is a dusting brush. Attach it to your hose and use it to remove dust from lampshades, blinds, and bookshelves.
The next time you whip out the vacuum, make sure you try all of these tricks and see if your carpet looks even cleaner than before! Don't forget to share these tips with your friends on Facebook.
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