Get rid of kitchen clutter for good - 8 brilliant ideas using what you already have

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You may be putting off organizing your kitchen because you just don't have the extra money for cute organizing solutions. So you wait and dream of having a well-organized space.
Don't let budget restraints stop you from creating an organized kitchen. All you need is a little inspiration and creativity to create the space you've always wanted. These easy-to-follow tutorials showcase how you can be organized on a budget.
1. Customized storage containers
You would never believe this stylish container began its life as a plastic bag box. Thanks to an idea by Our Second Hand House, you can craft your own customized storage container. You can use different sizes of cardboard boxes to hold a wide variety of items. Watch our live demonstration of this project in the video below:
2. Upcycled cutlery caddy
Save those tin cans to create this darling cutlery caddy. Perfect for organizing your cutlery and keeping it available on the go between your kitchen, dining, patio, and breakfast nooks. This step-by-step tutorial walks you through the crafting process.
3. Plastic bag dispenser
The Teacher's Wife has solved the problem of where to put all those plastic shopping bags. She uses a diaper wipe box to create a plastic bag dispenser and shows you how to make each one continue to pop up. It's amazing how many bags will fit into such a small space!
4. Coffee creamer storage containers
So many small items come in plastic bags. Just one overzealous rip and your bag is not effective at containing the food anymore. Coffee creamer containers are perfect for organizing small foods, such as cereals for snacking, chocolate chips, and nuts. Frugelegance has other great ideas for these handy containers on her blog.
5. Create a pouring jar
Glass jars make excellent food storage solutions. Put in a Jar has a creative solution for storing dry goods in mason jars. You simply use the pour spout off a salt container to create an easy pour spout. It works great for sugar, herbs, drink mixes, and other dry items. Check out the video below to see how this is done:
6. Creatively clean hands
Use those old glass soda bottles to create whimsical handsoap, dishsoap, and baking soda dispensers. The pour spouts and corks can be found online or at your local craft store. Although there is no tutorial, Bay Witch Musings offers many other ideas for repurposing glass soda bottles in your home.
7. Spin your condiments
Digging to the back of a fridge shelf is inconvenient and wastes time. If you have a lazy susan hanging around, this blog recommends place it in your refridgerator. Instead of digging through everything to reach the one item you need, simply give it a spin and get back to cooking.
8. Save can space
Soup organizers are expensive items, but you can create your own by covering a soda box with pretty paper. The box is already designed to dispense cans out the slot in the front. Bob Vila recommends enlarging the hole for easy access.
By reusing items from your home to organize your kitchen, you create less waste, save time, and stay within budget. Share these helpful hints with your friends and family on Facebook!
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