Dental floss isn't just for flossing. Here are 10 brilliant ways to use it around the house

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Dental floss is one of those items we use every day. It costs just pennies a day to floss. Being inexpensive combines with the impressive strength of dental floss to create the perfect item to use for much more around your home than flossing.
These creative tips showcase the versatility of dental floss. You may just need to grab a couple extra boxes the next time you are at the dollar store!
1. Hang a picture
Dental floss is a wonderful alternative to picture hanging wire in a pinch. Real Simple recommends hanging a picture with dental floss by doubling it over several times. The almost endless length of dental floss means you can hang rather large pictures with ease.
2. Make a fondant pumpkin
Baking cakes and working with fondant requires lots of creative thinking. Judy's Cakes likes to use non-traditional tools to create unique designs. This darling fondant pumpkin is made using dental floss to leave an impression. Her tutorial shows you how.
3. Cut the cheese
Soft and sticky cheeses can be difficult to cut. Although they are usually going to be melted or spread on a cracker, there are some instances where you want to preserve the shape of the cheese. Using a strand of dental floss to cut cheese allows for straight, clean cuts. The Kitchen learned this tip working at a cheese counter.
4. Clean your can opener
Have you ever inspected the cutting blade on your electric can opener? If it isn't cutting well, it could be it just needs a simple cleaning. You can't place it in water and it's located in a tight spot. All You suggests using dental floss as a safe way to clean your electric can opener.
5. Create perfect layers
Ever wonder how to create those perfect cake layers every time? The secret uses dental floss and toothpicks. In the Kid's Kitchen says the method is so easy that kids can do it. Simply insert the toothpicks as a guide and use the dental floss to gently cut the cake in layers.
6. Repair a backpack
Backpacks get a lot of tough use. They hold an amazing amount of weight from just a few strained spots. Sometimes these spots fail you, leaving you with one strap just dangling. Shameless Traveler depends on the strength of dental floss to repair a backpack in this tutorial.
7. Clean your keyboard
The small spaces between your keyboard keys can be difficult to maneuver. Dental floss allows you to get between and under keys to remove small crumbs, gunk, and dust. Good Housekeeping recommends you use it on your keyboard after a messy snack.
8. Remove a stuck ring
It is easy to panic when you realize a ring is stuck on your finger. All you want to do is get it off! This simple trick uses easy-to-find dental floss. It works best in the morning when your hands are less bloated.
9. Make coffee to go
You don't need a coffee pot to brew a hot cup of joe. A bit of hot water, a coffee filter, and unwaxed dental floss combine to make a coffee "tea bag." Australian Caravan Co. says you use your coffee bundle just as you would a tea bag.
10. Get a perfect cat eye
Drawing on that perfect cat eye with liquid eye liner is so difficult. Self says it doesn't have to be. This tutorial guides you through using a dental flosser to create an even cat eye. You will get it perfect every single time.
From cutting to creating, dental floss is an inexpensive tool for getting things done around your home. Show your friends and family how you do it by sharing these tips on Facebook!
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