Drills aren't just used for drilling. Here are 8 handyman hacks around the house

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Have you ever heard you should work smarter, not harder? These amazing handyman drill hacks are the perfect example of putting that quote to work. From scrubbing your shower to peeling potatoes, using a drill makes smart sense.
Just a few adjustments and you will be on your way to saving time. Power through these tutorials to create your own drill hacks.
1. Create a power scrubber
Why rely on elbow power when you can use the power of the drill? This handy scrub brush power drill will power through the toughest grime with very little effort. The step-by-step tutorial shows you how to make your own power scrubber.
2. Carve a pumpkin
No more slowly sawing your way through incredible tough pumpkin for hours. This beautiful take on the Jack O'Lantern is created with a power drill. You can use different size bits to create different sized holes in the pumpkin. Use a glow stick for quick and easy lighting. Craft by Photo offers you photos for inspiration.
3. Roast fresh coffee beans
This soup can roaster isn't necessarily attractive, but it is effective. The bottom can condenses the heat so that it goes directly onto the turning "drum" soup can above it. A slow consistent spin of the drill ensures your beans are perfectly roasted with little effort. Find out more here.
4. Bake a cake
Kelly Taylor had an excellent idea when she couldn't find her cake mixer. She simply grabbed a battery powered drill, inserted the beater and her son was happily whipping up a cake in no time at all. What a great idea to get boys interested in cooking with power tools!
5. Clean the toilet
This seems like a fun, but potentially messy way to clean the toilet. A spinning toilet brush is perfect for really getting a good scrubbing. The easy to follow tutorial only has four steps. We warn you to take your finger off the trigger before removing the brush from the toilet or water will spray everywhere!
6. Peel a lot of potatoes fast
If you have a lot of potatoes to cook, peeling them one by one could take a while with a traditional peeler. EatDrinkBetter recommends using the power drill potato peeling method. She recommends not using the toilet brush you see in some online videos, but a heavy duty scrubber.
7. Peel apples for pie
Inserting a drill into the core of an apple allows you to peel apples with extreme efficiency. Perfect for baking a pie, making applesauce or simmering apple butter, this method goes through a lot of apples fairly quickly. By holding a traditional peeler while the apple rotates you eliminate the idea of a spinning blade. See the video at Country Living.
8. Power your electronics
If all else fails, harness the power of your drill by using the drill battery as an emergency energy source. This project takes a bit of electrical know-how, but is a pretty cool drill hack for creating an emergency power supply. See how Don did it at Hackaday.
These creative power tool hacks will have you wanting to give everything a spin. Show your friends and family on Facebook how you got more power!
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