Grab a cheap bin at Walmart and copy these 10 nifty space-saving ideas

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Does it ever seem like you're running out of room for everything in your house? Short of throwing out all of your possessions, is there any other option? Of course. Just head out to Walmart and buy a few plastic bins.
With these bins, you can save space in any room. Just decide the best location for each bin, fill it with anything that fits (and belongs together) and place it somewhere out of the way. No matter what you need to store, you can likely find a bin in a corresponding size.
Kitchen pullouts
Keeping the kitchen organized is no small task. With a few plastic bins, however, you can quickly group items and utensils together and store them in easy-to-reach places. The video below shows how to organize a cluttered shelf.
Food storage
Instead of haphazardly shelving food in the refrigerator, try using plastic bins. The before/after shots in the video below shows how to go from chaos to organized in a snap.
Bathroom bins
Bathrooms are short on extra room to begin with, and the space only grows more cramped if you share a bathroom with family members or roommates. Instead of fighting for space, try the idea in the video below for effective storage.
How to get greasy film off kitchen cabinets and appliances
Removing greasy film from cabinets and appliances is easier than you may think. The method demonstrated in the video below uses Murphy's Oil Soap.
Upgrade a kitchen cabinet drawer
Incorporate a peg board into a cabinet drawer to store plates and glasses. The pegs keep items from moving around. The video below provides a tutorial for the project.
The oven hood filter is a greasy mess. Effortlessly get it clean like new again
When the over hood filter becomes filled with grease and dirt, it can't function as it's supposed to. Combining detergent and boiling water make it easy to clean the filter, as shown in the video below.
Clean the inside of your oven
The inside of your oven may be the last place you want to clean. Luckily, some baking soda combined with the method shown in this video makes cleaning a breeze.
Here's a clever way to clean your oven door
A wire hanger can come in quite handy. The video below shows how it can help you clean a dirty oven door.
Turn a Dollar store laundry basket into the most unique storage solution
Cheap laundry baskets can be dressed up to provide clever storage solutions. The video below is just one example.
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