10 weird but effective kitchen gadgets every chef should own

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Whether you're a seasoned chef or reluctant one who only cooks to survive, having the right kitchen gadgets can make getting the job done a little easier (and more entertaining.) We've scoured Amazon and found a few interesting gadgets every chef should think about owning.
Check out these fun gadgets and snag up the ones you like (or ones you think would make great Christmas gifts!)
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1. Jar Opener
If you struggle to open jars, the struggle is over with this handy jar opener. The tool fits 8 different sized lids. The rubber inner layer grips onto the lids, making it easier for you to twist and open the jar. This tool is particularly helpful for people with arthritis. Find the handy gadget here.
2. Lochness Monster Ladle set
Cooking soup and spaghetti just got more fun! Not only is this ladle set cute and quirky, it has feet on the bottom so you can stand it up without making a saucy mess all over your stove or cupboard tops. This fun kitchen tool comes in pink, green and blue. Get the ladle set here.
3. Easy Open Baggy Holder
This product is genius especially if you freeze lots of soups and sauces. A flat base holds the bottom of your sealable baggie and two handles hold the bag open so you can use both hands to pour in your food. It's dishwasher safe and folds flat so it doesn't take up too much extra space. Customers love that it does as it promises! Get the useful tool here.
5. Compact Mayo Knife and Jar Scraper
Sick of wasting those scrapes of peanut butter, mayonnaise, and other canned condiments? This uniquely shaped knife is specifically designed to help you get every last dreg of the condiments out of a jar. You can even use the knife to spread your desired topping too. Customers love that it works well and the handle stays above the jar so you don't get sticky. Get this scraper here.
6. Breakfast Burrito Maker
Get your breakfast ready with one handy tool. This gadget has a place to warm your tortilla and another slat to cook your eggs/toppings. The multi-purpose tool can even be used to make homemade pizzas. The only bummer: any meat used has to be pre-cooked. The machine has a timer to let you know when your food is ready. Get this handy tool here.
7. Snap on Strainer
There's no need to dump all of your noodles into a separate strainer and then back into the pan again with this fun kitchen tool. The strainer hooks onto the edges of your pans so you can dump out excess moisture easily. The strainer is adjustable so it fits on all pan sizes and it's easy to store away. Snag this helpful tool here. ​
8. Amco Rub-a-Way Bar
If you work with garlic and onions, you know that it can be tough to get rid of the odors, even with soap and water. This stainless steel bar is designed to remove smells from your hands quickly. Just rub the bar between your hands with water, as you would soap, and the odors disappear. It's dishwasher safe. Customers love that you can use it to remove a variety of odors. Grab this odor remover here.
9. Veggie Holder
It may look like a hair pick, but this funky kitchen gadget will make slicing onions, tomatoes, and other veggies a snap. Simply stick the prongs into your fruit/veggie of choice and slice between each prong. The prongs hold your food in place and allow you to create even slices. The multi-purpose tool can even be used as a meat tenderizer. Customers love that durability makes it a great option for lots of uses. Get this handy tool here.
10. Eruption Disruption Microwave Cleaner
If you have to clean the microwave, at least make it fun. This cute kitchen gadget lets you clean your microwave quickly. Simply fill the container with water and vinegar and pop it in the microwave on high for a few minutes. Then watch the steam erupt out of the top and soften all of the build up. Wipe away excess dirt with a damp cloth. Get this fun tool here.
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