The top 4 ways to clean between the glass on oven doors

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Do you ever try to look inside your oven only to be confronted with streaked and dirty glass? You've cleaned the outside of the door and the inside of the door, but nothing seems to work. How can you get rid of a mess that doesn't seem to actually exist?
The first step to taking care of this problem is finding a screwdriver that fits the screws along the top of your oven door. Then, unscrew the top screws and separate the metal edge from the oven door; you might need to use a knife or a flat head screwdriver to pry these sections apart. You can now clean in between the panes of glass in your oven door. But what can you use to clean them?
The simplest cleaning option is a basic degreaser. You can make your own or buy one, depending on the ingredients you want to use. To see this in action, check out this video.
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Baking soda
If your oven glass needs a thorough scrubbing, use a damp sponge to rub some baking soda into the dirtiest spots. After you've used the baking soda to spot clean the glass, use a little degreaser to give it a quick wipe down before you're finished.
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Glass cleaner
It might seem obvious, but glass cleaner is actually a great way to clean the glass in your oven door. But if you use this option, make sure you dust between the glass first to get rid of any buildup that could cause streaks. Most people use paper towels to wipe off the glass cleaner, but you can also use a toothbrush for the corners or any difficult-to-reach areas.
Wire hanger
This probably sounds like a bad idea, right? Why would you use a wire hanger on glass? Well, you're not technically using the hanger on the glass, you're just using it to help out. If your oven door doesn't pop open between the panes of glass, you're going to need a wire hanger. To see this in action, check out this video.
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