10 divine '5-minutes or less' desserts for busy (or lazy) girls with no patience

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Desserts are the nemeses for far too many home cooks. Even if you give them a wholehearted commitment of your time and efforts, there are really no guarantees that your souffles will rise and your mousses will set.
This need not be the case anymore. If you wish to impress your guests without sacrificing your sleep over the desserts menu, you have reached just the right post.
Here are 10 ridiculously simple yet supremely delicious dessert recipes that you can whip up in less than 5 minutes of preparation time. Last minute dinner guests? Bring them on!
(1) Healthy blueberry muffin parfait
Blueberry lovers, this one's for you. This beautiful creation features coconut yogurt and a blueberry muffin, but you can of course use this recipe as a base and try your own creations. You can find Arman's recipe on The Big Man's World here.
(2) Avocado coconut barfi
If you love Indian food, you will love this fusion dessert that combines the quintessential coconut barfi with the rich creaminess of avocados. Sandhya from Indfused has given a detailed recipe here. This 5 minute treat is innovative, it is unique and it is a feast for the eyes as well as the taste-buds. Should I mention that it can be made into bite sized pieces so you don't have to feel guilty about gobbling up all that (gasp) fat?
(3) Three-ingredient chocolate mousse
This smooth and airy-light chocolate mousse is really the stuff of dreams. For those who love chocolate and for those who love to get creative with their presentations, this delectable dessert checks on all points. Rachel Koller's Kitchen Cents has this recipe for your super fast, super tasty mousse ambitions.
(4) Dairy and gluten free pineapple sorbet
Want something that is refreshing and shapes up in just 5 minutes? Try this creamy pineapple sorbet that uses coconut milk and bananas to replace the dairy or gluten in any traditional sorbet recipe. Simple yet impressive, that's certainly a winner! Find Tracy's recipe on All Things Well Make here.
(5) No bake microwave brownies
There are many microwave brownie recipes out there, but the instructions given in this video tutorial are really easy to follow. These indulgent brownies are light and scrumptious. What's best is that a batch of them can be whipped up in minutes and even by someone who has the most basic of culinary skills.
(6) Strawberry shortcake
With some basic ingredients and some elementary microwave skills, you can enjoy this easy strawberry shortcake just about whenever you crave it. Pretty Prudent's video tutorial shows how to make this mouth-watering treat. The recipe is for a two but your can change it proportionately to make for one or more.
(7) Greek yogurt lassi
Want something that is healthy yet indulgent, something that looks Masterchef-like but takes just a home cook with a few minutes on hand to make? Try this Greek yogurt lassi by Rachna's Kitchen. The recipe for your refreshing, beautifully garnished masterpiece can be found here.​
(8) 1 minute microwave cheesecakes
Most definitely, cheesecakes are neither the fastest nor the easiest of desserts to try when you are a novice cook. Yet, Gemma from Bigger Bolder Baking gives us not one, but three cheesecake recipes here that totally bust that myth. Of course, like all cheesecakes, they need time in your refrigerator in order to set properly. But we really do mean it, your prep time will not go a minute over 5 for these lip-smacking beauties.​
(9) Vegan creamy mango ice cream
With just 4 simple vegan ingredients and a recipe that takes just 5 minutes to prep, you can dish out this sunshine desserts as and when you wish it. With little or no added sugar, Happy Healthy Mama really gives us a recipe that keeps both kids as well as their mamas happy. Find the recipe for this melt-in-the-mouth dessert here.
(10) 5 minute eggnog
Whether you wish to end your evening on a boozy note or if you just want to get into the holiday groove, this flavorful eggnog hits all these notes. Alcohol, spice, sugar and cream; what's not to like here? Oh and of course, it can be mass produced in a just a matter of minutes. Amanda, from The Chunky Chef, shares her delicious recipe here.
These are just 10 of the exciting ones. If you want more such fast and easy dessert recipes, like a moist, under 5-minutes berry cake perhaps, just let us know and we'll be back with more. Don't forget to share these on Facebook with your family and friends first; after all, wouldn't you want them to know what you'd like to indulge in when you drop by?
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