7 easy-to-prep freezer-to-slow cooker recipes that will get you through the next week

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Tired of trying to figure out what's for dinner this coming week? Luckily, these 7 freezer-to-slow cooker recipes are here to save the day. They can be prepared in advance and are designed to not break the bank.
Check out the list below. We've included a video with each dish, so you can see how easy the prep is.
1. Shredded Chicken Chipotle Tacos
A chipotle is a dried and smoked jalapeno pepper. The drying and smoking process gives it that dark color. Chipotle comes from the Nahuatl word chilpoctli, which means smoked chili. Its distinct flavor adds so much depth to any dish. In the recipe below, we use chipotle in adobo sauce to make the perfect shredded chicken tacos.
2. Honey Rosemary Pork Chops
I grew up eating pork chops regularly as a child. My father made the best pork chops with rosemary and garlic. In the recipe below, we use that same combination with the addition of honey, which adds a sweetness that takes the pork chops to a whole new level.
3. Philly Cheesesteak
What better sandwich is there than a Philly cheesesteak? You can have it chopped or sliced, with whiz or with sliced cheese — there are so many different variations of this classic, each as delicious as the last. This slow-cooked version is ooey, gooey, cheesy and messy. There is no other way to eat it! Onions and peppers give this meaty filling a wonderful savory flavor. I also like to use sliced provolone cheese for a rich creaminess, but you can use any type of cheese that you desire.
Full Recipe: Philly Cheesesteak
4. Chicken Teriyaki
Chicken teriyaki was my go-to dish as a child when my family went out for Japanese food. In the recipe below, we make a super-tasty and simple chicken teriyaki dish with broccoli. We add the broccoli during the last 40 minutes of cooking so that it holds its texture and doesn't get all mushy.
Full Recipe: Chicken Teriyaki
5. Pepper Beef
Thin slices of tender beef with bell peppers, mmm ... it's hard to go wrong with this one. In the recipe below, I make my own version of the dish, which can be easily frozen and popped into a slow cooker with almost as much ease as ordering takeout.
Full Recipe: Pepper Beef
6. Hawaiian Chicken Tacos
These amazing Hawaiian chicken tacos are a cinch to make and can go directly into your slow cooker for a same-day meal, or you can combine everything into a large zip-lock bag and store in the freezer for two to three weeks. All you have to do is thaw the contents of the bag when you are ready and throw it all into your slow cooker.
Full Recipe: Hawaiian Chicken Tacos
7. Sausage & Bean Stew
What better way to warm you up than a slow-cooked sausage and bean stew. Perfect for those snowy or rainy days, this hearty stew will win over your family with the first spoonful. Made with andouille sausage and three types of beans, this stew is sure to fill up those hungry bellies.
Full Recipe: Sausage & Bean Stew
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