Forget hanging pictures. Here are 16 other ways you can use Command hooks

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Command hooks and products have revolutionized the way people decorate their homes, apartments and dorm rooms. No longer do they have to worry about damaging the walls. They can quickly and easily move their pictures, add holiday decor and transform their spaces.
But did you know you can do a lot more than just hang pictures? These creative Command hook hacks showcase the true versatility of this wonderful product.
1. Hang a banner
From birthdays to holidays, banners say it is a special occasion. Using tape often means a banner falls halfway through an event, and no one wants to put up nails for the occasional banner. Command hooks to the rescue.
2. Organize the bathroom vanity
Look inside your bathroom vanity and you will find there are many unused spaces. You could hang an organizing basket, but you don't want to damage the wood. Hi Sugarplum! recommends using Command hooks to hold a basket.
3. Hang oven mitts
Organizing is made easy with Command strips. This adorable kitchen accessory is held in place with these ingenius fasteners. You can place items wherever you need them most -- from tile back splashes to the side of the fridge. The Shabby Creek Cottage uses them throughout the entire kitchen.
4. Keep a trash bag handy
A Command hook installed on your car dash will hold a trash bag for easy cleanup. The Krazy Coupon Lady suggests this creative use for long car trips. Don't be put off by the white hook -- Command hooks are available in different colors and styles. Pick one to match your vehicle's interior.
5. Organize dry spice packets
Have you been digging through your pantry to find that packet of seasoning? This amazing Command hook hack from One Good Thing by Jillee will put an end to that search. Simply clip packets together with a binder clip and hang from a Command hook.
6. Hang your lids
Pot lids are another kitchen item you may be wondering what to do with. Wrapped in Rust hangs lids on the inside of a cabinet door. Simply install Command hooks and insert the lid for a secure hold.
7. Hang curtains without nails
This Command hook solution works well for dorms and apartments. Command hooks easily hold a curtain rod. You can now change the look and design of your room without grabbing a hammer and nails. See the tutorial for more information.
8. Organize necklaces
Necklaces are like sparkling works of art. Don't hide them away; instead, display them easily with Command hooks. Now you can easily see which one you want to wear. So Much Better With Age recommends this Command hook hack to keep your jewelry tangle free.
9. Keep a scoop close by
The face behind A Thousand Words uses a lot of oatmeal. Instead of searching for the right measuring cup every morning, put a small Command hook on the side of your pantry container. This is an easy way to save time in the morning.
10. Create easy food wrap storage
A dowel rod fits perfectly inside a food wrap storage box. Hanging the dowel on Command hooks allows you to keep food wrap nice and neat but still be able to quickly and easily spool some out. For the full tutorial, visit iHeart Organizing.
11. Store an appliance cord
Even if an appliance comes with built-in cord storage, it is rarely convenient. Dimplicity has struck upon Command hook genius with the storage hack. Simply attach a Command hook and use a cord wrap to secure the cord to the appliance.
12. Keep produce off the counters
Domestic Diva Domain notes that it's easy to produce off the counters and within easy reach by storing it in a shower caddy. You don't have to worry about damaging the sides of your kitchen cabinets if you use a Command hook. You could even store bottles of oil and vinegar in this handy caddy.
13. Keep cushions in place
Pepper Design had a problem: Her beautiful cushions kept sliding off the chairs. She didn't want to tie them down and really wanted to keep the look and functionality. She used Command Velcro strips to keep them in place. What a creative solution.
14. Grow some herbs
Julie Blanner created a beautiful place to grow her favorite herbs in her kitchen window using small buckets and Command hooks. This allows her to keep the herbs off the counter, give them plenty of sun and reminds her to water them.
15. Hang up everything
This entire entrance way is crafted with Command hooks. Dog leashes, keys, hats, scarves, jackets – everything is securely hung up with Command hooks. Even the shelf is a Command strip shelf. Apartment Therapy recommends using Command strips for all your design needs.
16. Hang a wreath without using nails
Pretty Dubs offers a practical solution for hanging door decor without wrecking the front door. Hang a Command hook on the back of your door and use a ribbon to hang the wreath over the top. This photo shows how pretty it looks.
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