7 of the best potato recipes you'll ever try

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Ok, I have to admit, potatoes are my number #1 weakness. I love them cooked any way —mashed, baked or scalloped, it doesn't matter and I don't even care about all the carbs.
Potatoes are such a great comfort food and if you're like me, then you're gonna love this list, too! Here are 7 different potato recipes that you just have to try!
1. Mashed potato puffs
Let's start this list of with something mashed. These mashed potato puffs look absolutely delightful and they would make a great little snack to pack for lunch.
2. Melt in your mouth potatoes
These look so savory! They're called melt in your mouth potatoes and from just looking at this picture, I can tell why. My mouth is watering. These potatoes are roasted so the outside is nice and crispy, but when you take a bite the inside is soft and delectable.
3. Lemon herb roasted potatoes
Another roasted potato for the list — but these ones have a special flavor. You wouldn't think that lemon and potato together but this recipe confirms that they totally can. So delicious!
4. Slow cooker potato soup
I love a good slow cooker soup and this one's the best! Rich and creamy, this soup is perfect for a fall or winter day. And really, who can beat the potato and bacon combo!?
5. Cheesy skillet potatoes
I'll never forget the first time I had these potatoes. My aunt made them but she called them party potatoes. It really doesn't matter what you call them, just make sure they are on your dinner list and soon!
6. Loaded mashed potato casserole
Is there anything better than a loaded potato? Yup! A casserole. I am a huge casserole lover and this one tops my list. Just look at this picture and tell me this doesn't look like comfort.
7. Broccoli and cheddar twice baked potatoes
Whoever the incredible genius was who came up with combining broccoli, cheese and potatoes was, I thank you. Now, twice baking this amazing goodness? Whoever came up with that — well, you my friend are an angel from heaven.
Now that I have you drooling on your screen, start making up some of these delicious potato recipes. Make sure you share this with your friends and family on Facebook so they know what's cookin'!
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