8 things in your home that actually have a purpose

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There are many things in our everyday life we never notice. These hidden items are often functional things that make our lives much easier. Only a few people know them.
How many of these did you know? We bet a few of them will surprise you!
1. The number 57
While there are many theories as to what the number 57 in the glass on the side of your Heinz ketchup bottle stands for, the purpose is known by few. According to Heinz, a firm tap on the number 57 makes the ketchup flow smoothly from the glass bottle. Now you are one of the few who know what to do to get the ketchup out of the bottle!
2. Proper pasta serving
The proper pasta serving is often hard to estimate. Did you know you already have a way to measure it in your utensil drawer? The hole in the middle of a pasta spoon is one serving of dry pasta.
3. The hole in your padlock
You've probably never noticed that little hole in the bottom of a padlock. However, if your lock is sticking and doesn't function correctly, could be very important. This hole allows you to oil your lock for smooth operation. It also allows water to drain through properly.
4. Shirt loop
The little loop on the back of a button down shirt actually has a purpose. It was used to hang shirts before hangers were common in homes. Sailors would also use the shirt loop to hang their shirts when changing.
5. Extra holes in your running shoes
The extra holes in your running shoes don't seem to serve much of a purpose. But they actually improve the fit of your shoes. The tutorial at Rogan's Shoes shows you how to properly lace your running shoes using this extra hole.
6. The hole in the tape measure
The little hole in the metal end of your tape measure is a nail grab. It allows you to measure something without anyone's help. All you need is a nail or screw to hold the end of your tape measure. Find out more here.
7. Period after opening symbol
The little symbol on the bottom of your makeup, lotions, hair care, and skin care actually has a meaning. According to Chloe Pantazi from Business Insider this is the period after opening date. It tells you how long a cosmetic is good after opening. For example, 24M stands for 24 months.
8. Tabs on side of foil box
The little tabs on the side of your aluminum foil box serve an actual purpose. When pushed in properly they hold the roll of foil in place. No more ripping the foil out of the box when you just need a little bit!
Knowing how these items really function can help you have a smarter home. Share these tips with your friends and family on Facebook!
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