Hide the things you don't want seen in your home with these 9 ideas

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There's a fine line between nice design and function. You need certain things in your home, but you don't necessarily want to be looking at them all the time. Hiding them away is the perfect answer.
You may be thinking that you only have so many hiding spots. That may be true, but you can hide lots of things right out in the open. These amazing tutorials show you how to camouflage things so that no one knows they are even there!
1. Hidden outlets
You can never have enough outlets, especially in your kitchen. But having them in the open doesn't always fit the décor of your room. This fake drawer front featured at Décor Pad is an excellent way to hide an outlet on a kitchen island.
2. Desk cords basket
All the cords under a desk can get messy. If you use a power strip for surge protection, you probably have a tangle of cords all the way to the floor. This idea from Organize and Inspire uses a basket to corral all those cords and the power strip right against the underside of your desk.
3. Hidden storage books
Sewing Barefoot's shelf looks nice and tidy, but she's hiding a big secret. Her books are just a front. A front to a convenient storage basket. See how she made her hidden storage books out of extra books in this step-by-step tutorial.
4. Laundry basket drawer
Meg and the Martin Men installed cabinetry from IKEA in the master bedroom. Top of the list? A creative idea for keeping laundry out of view with an IKEA hack. This laundry basket drawer hides two baskets for lots of hidden storage.
5. Dog bowl drawer
This handy dresser holds all your dog's essentials, plus features a handy drawer for food and water dishes. The top features a lid that hinges up to hold food. Keeping all of your pet's things in one convenient space is very handy.
6. Undercover dog kennel
Big wire kennels are a necessary part of being a dog owner, but they simply aren't attractive. This creative hack takes a dog kennel and transforms it into an attractive and functional piece of furniture. A large kennel works great in an entranceway. Smaller kennels could stand in as nightstands or side tables.
7. Hidden television
A huge television is lovely for movies and sports, but doesn't always fit into your design. This amazing tutorial shows you how to create a way to hide your television behind artwork. All it takes is a few simple tools. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to hide your television.
8. Jewelry organizer
This hidden jewelry organizer can hold a lot of bling. Shanty 2 Chic loves keeping her jewelry where she can easily choose what to wear for the day. The step-by-step tutorial shows you how to build your own jewelry organizer cabinet.
9. Folding screen
You can stylishly hide almost anything behind a folding screen. Making your own screen means you can customize it to the exact size and look for your room. Hide your corner office, your messy craft area, or a reading nook with a folding screen by using this tutorial.
There are many creative ways to hide things without stuffing them in closets or under the bed. These tutorials showcase how to hide things in plain sight. Share these tricks with your friends and family on Facebook!
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