These are the organizational ideas that your home desperately needs

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All it takes is one item out of place to throw off the look of a whole room. But that happens more and more often as you accumulate more stuff. There's just not enough room for everything! Or is there?
Even the smallest rooms and closets can be organized if you have the right tools. That might mean extra shelving, a hidden drawer or something as simple as a strip of Velcro. Regardless of which room in your house is the messiest, we can help you organize just about anything with these quick tips.
1. Tension rods under the sink
Whether it's in the bathroom or the kitchen, the area under your sink tends to become a catch-all for cleaning supplies. This is fine, as long as you can find what you need and it doesn't just turn into a huge mess under there. But, a simpler solution is a quick organizational hack. Instead of cramming bottles of cleaning solution into any available space, install a tension rod in the cabinet. You can hang your cleaning bottles and rags on it, freeing up space below for larger items.
2. Carousel shelving
If your pantry shelves meet in a corner, then you know how much space you're losing. So you just keep stacking more and more items on top of each other until eventually the whole tower comes tumbling down and you're left with a giant mess to clean up. A great solution to this problem is to install carousel shelving into the corners of your pantry. Because of the shape, they can hold more items without robbing you of space. These shelves also make it easier to look for what you need, because all you have to do is spin the shelf until you find it.
3. S-hooks for closet storage
Room in your closet is already hard to come by, so you don't want to waste space with an untidy pile of cleaning supplies. Instead of shoving your mop, broom, dustpan and feather duster into the nooks and crannies of your closet, hang a few S-hooks from your wire shelving. These are sturdy enough to hold up heaver items without taking up too much room.
4. T-shirt folding
You don't think of t-shirts as taking up too much space, until you have to search for a place to hang your nicer clothes when your closet is already packed to capacity. The easiest solution here is to stop hanging up your t-shirts and put them in a dresser drawer or stack them on a shelf instead. And if you're worried about wrinkles, check out the folding tutorial below. It's meant to save space without leaving your shirts looking like you slept in them.
5. Remote storage
Do you spend more time searching for your remote than actually watching television? It falls between the couch cushions, gets kicked under the coffee table or someone forgets to set it down when they wander out of the room. If you're tired of constantly losing your remote, just stick a few strips of Velcro to the side of your coffee table and a few to the back of your remote. You now have a perfect holder for the remote and it doesn't require too much of a reach for you to grab it when you're ready to change the channel.
6. The monster(ous storage) under the bed
If you have several inches of extra space under your bed, utilize this area for storage. You can keep out-of-season clothes, toys or any other items you don't use every day in storage containers that slide easily beneath your bed. Then, when you need something, just pull it back out. You can use any type of container, but clear ones are the most convenient if you want to be able to see what's inside without opening the box.
7. Power strip in a drawer
Is the floor by your bed a mess of chargers and lamp cords plugged haphazardly into a power strip? Do you find yourself having to almost roll off your bed in order to plug in your phone or alarm clock at night? Well, stop doing that before you injure yourself. Instead, take this tip from Reddit and put a power strip in the top drawer of your bedside table. Now you can easily access your electronics without that unsightly tangle of cords.
8. Shoe cubbie
If you're like me, then you're not a fan of people wearing their shoes in your house and tracking dirt all over the carpet. To combat this issue, place a shoe cubbie near the front door. As guests enter the house, they'll see where their shoes belong and store them accordingly without leaving a messy pile of shoes in the entryway of your house.
9. Hidden drawers
Sometimes the best way to organize your stuff is to hide as much of it as possible. One way to do this is through drawers that are hidden inside of the furniture around your house. You can store magazines, toys, remotes and other living room essentials in coffee table drawers (like the ones shown below). You can add drawers under your bed, inside of cabinets or anywhere else with a little extra space for storage.
10. Shoe organizer
Clear shoe organizers can be used for almost anything (you know, if you don't have enough shoes to fill one). Just hang one on the back of a bedroom or bathroom door and fill it up with art supplies, beauty products, toys, nail polish, snacks or any other small items that you need organized and out of the way. (Bonus hack: If you're a teacher, you can use one of these to hold students' cell phones during class!)
11. Pegboards
If you want to be organized and also a bit crafty, consider investing in a pegboard. You can hang it on the wall in any room and hang up clocks, small wire storage baskets, pictures, desk necessities and anything else that you need out of the way but within arm's reach.
12. Bath toy organizer
For those of you with kids, you've probably dealt with the mess of toys left behind after bath time. Instead of taking the time to dry off each toy and relocate it to a toy box or shelf, consider just leaving the toys in the bathtub. Kind of. By installing a tension rod just above the bathtub, you can hang a few s-hooks from it to hold up plastic baskets perfect for your kids' toys.
While the process of organizing isn't always fun, the end result is well worth the work. You'll have a tidy house and never again have to search for something that you swore you put down right over there. But before you assemble the troops to find a place for everything, make sure you share this with your friends on Facebook so they can organize their homes, too!
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