8+ smart ways to use nail polish around the house

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Most people have a set routine when it comes to cleaning the house. Certain people prefer certain products. But what if you need to clean up around the house and you're all out of your usual cleaning materials?
Never fear, dear reader! We have you covered. Did you know that you have materials hanging out all over your house that can be used to clean your kitchen? It's true! So next time your house is getting a bit messy, don't rush out to the store to pick up some cleaning products. Instead, reach for something a little closer at hand.
Clean bathtub grime
The soap scum ring in your bathtub can be hard to scrub off. You buy endless products with scrubbing bubbles, but did you know the solution may be already hiding in your bathroom? Simply wipe away the scum with a mixture of nail polish remover and water. Check out how this works in the video below.
Remove grime from oven range hood
Since the purpose of nail polish remover is to strip polish off of your fingernails, it shouldn't be a surprise that it can be used to remove other things. For instance, if you pour a bit of nail polish remover on a cotton pad and wipe down your oven range hood, it removes the grime that's been building up on there probably since you moved in.
Transfer photos to tile
You don't have to purchase an expensive kit to transfer photos to tile. "Print" pictures on uncoated tiles using nail polish remover. The addition of cork on the bottom of the tile creates a charming coaster.
Remove print from plastic
Not sure how this cleaning method works? Try the technique demonstrated in the video below.
Remove marker from walls
If a child draws on the wall, chances are it will be with a marker. There also is a good chance that the marker may be a permanent one. Grab nail polish to do the trick.
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Clean up DIY mugs
Permanent marker can cause a lot of stress. Once you've marked a craft, you feel that it is, well, permanent. Use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to clean up any little mistakes on your permanent marker crafts.
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Fix a superglue mistake
Super glue is a wonderful adhesive – until it accidentally glues the wrong things together. Watch the video below for an easy solution to this problem.
Remove scuff marks from shoes
The rubber toes on your Converse and your favorite patent heels can both suffer from scuff marks. Give them a quick wipe down with acetone-based nail polish remover to return them to their shiny new state. It can be a bit harsh on leather, so make sure you reserve this cleaning solution for the worst of scuffs.
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Clean your keyboard
It's one of those places that you never think to clean. You may give it a quick swipe of the duster, but rarely do you take the time to deep clean your computer keyboard. Use nail polish remover! It disinfects, cleans and evaporates quickly.
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Remove stains from laminate
Light-colored laminate seems to attract stains. Virtually any food with color to it can leave a stain on your countertop or floor. If a gentle scrubbing doesn't remove the stain, use a small amount of nail polish remover to repair stained laminate surfaces. Watch this in action in the video below.
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