Never waste another inch: Copy these 10 brilliant kitchen storage ideas

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Two things you can never get enough of in the kitchen are dessert and space. If you need more storage space, there are ways to make that happen without spending a bunch of money.
You can do most of these hacks with a little woodworking ability, a bit of organizing prowess and a few trips to the dollar store. If you're ready to take back the crowded spaces of your kitchen, try out a few (or all) of these tips.
1. Narrow shelving unit (h/t Classy Clutter)
If someone in your household has carpentry skills, they can create this canned goods storage shelf. You can adjust the size to fit the kitchen and make it small enough to fit in some of the narrow spaces you can't use for anything else.
2. Hanging desk organizers (h/t Homemade Ginger)
You shouldn't leave sponges and soap dispensers around the sink for two reasons. They take up too much space and look tacky, and they won't dry properly and can grow mold. Clean up the area around the sink by hanging desk organizers on one of the cabinets and placing sink-related items inside.
3. Under-the-shelf mason jars (h/t Hilda Blue)
To save even more space, use the undersides of shelves or cabinets for storage solutions. Screw the lids of mason jars to them, fill the jars with whatever items you can fit and match them up with their lids. If you don't want to screw the jars to the shelf, you can use magnets. Be aware, however, that magnets might not be strong enough if the jars are too heavy.
4. Segregated lids (h/t Imperfect Homemaking)
Even though they aren't very big, lids tend to take up a lot of space. They have handles on top, so you can't stack them. Putting them on top of their respective pots just means you can't nest smaller pots with them. Solve this problem by installing a small tension rod across the front of the drawer and placing lids between the drawer and the rod.
5. Cutting-board storage (h/t That's What Che Said)
Cutting boards also take up more space than you might expect, considering how thin they usually are. You don't want to leave them out on the counter, though, and you can't really cram anything else into already crowded cupboards or drawers. When you've run out of room everywhere else, attach a wire rack to the inside of a cupboard door to hold cutting boards.
6. Basket storage (h/t Taryn Whiteaker)
Some people take advantage of pantry shelves and shove everything in there with absolutely no form of organization. If you're trying to save space, though, this is the worst way to store food and other kitchen items. Instead, buy cute baskets or bins and fill them with similar items to make everything easier to find. If you're feeling extra-motivated, label them.
7. Plastic storage boxes (h/t Better Homes & Gardens)
Rein in the plastic storage boxes that fill every inch of your cabinets by putting book bins or other similarl- sized boxes in a drawer. Gather all the plastic storage boxes (including the matching lids) and stack the containers in the bins.
8. Pull-out drawers (h/t The Kim Six Fix)
The cupboard below the sink is ideal for storage but only if you use the space properly. Don't just shove odds and ends under there and hope they don't all fall out every time you open the door. Instead, use pull-out drawers to organize items and keep them out of the way until you need them.
9. Cupboard door measuring cups (h/t Princess Pinky Girl)
Measuring cups and spoons are fairly small and easy to stack inside of each other. Despite this, they still take up more than their share of shelf space. Free up a few inches by hanging measuring utensils on the inside of a cupboard door. You can even get creative and add a measuring chart above them.
10. Pegboard storage (h/t Elizabeth Joan Designs)
If you have blank wall space in the kitchen, consider setting up a pegboard. You can hang just about anything on it, from utensils to cutting boards to the items that don't seem to fit anywhere else.
With these tips in mind, you'll have your kitchen completely organized in no time. Before you get started, though, share this list with your friends on Facebook so they can use every inch of space in their kitchens too.
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