10 delicious comfort dishes to bring to a potluck

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Holiday party season is upon us. If you're busy with kids or work, coming up with a dish that'll please the crowd can be a little overwhelming. Luckily, I'm here to help make that decision just a little bit easier. With this selection of tasty comfort foods, it's hard to go wrong.
The foods on this list are all comfort foods and you won't find a single salad here. But you will find a list of creamy, cheesy goodness perfect for your next big get-together.
1. One pot porgie casserole (h/t The Bewitchin Kitchen)
When you just want something tasty to eat, and you don't care (or care to know) how many calories you're scarfing down, try this delicious meal. Stuffed with cream, butter, bacon, cheese, and sausage, this one-dish wonder is an excellent option for schlepping to the next holiday party.
2. Chili hash brown casserole
When winter arrives, a good, hearty chili is already on our minds. There are few dishes quite as warming as a luscious bowl of steaming, meaty chili. Although it's difficult to improve on perfection, our recipe for chili hash browns adds a whole new layer of comfort to what is already regarded as one of the world's most comforting dishes! Get the full recipe here.
3. Sweet corn spoonbread casserole (h/t For the Love of Food)
This dish serves 9, so it's a great option when you're having a few friends over. It's also easy to double or triple as needed. The southern-inspired dish combines soft cornbread with a creamed-corn center that's guaranteed to warm the belly.
4. Potluck macaroni and cheese (h/t Taste of Home)
Need to make something tasty for a big group of people, with minimal effort? This mac and cheese recipe should do the trick. You can set this up in a slow cooker and let it go for about 2 hours until done. Tasty and time friendly.
5. Garlic parmesan chicken lasagna bake (h/t Pinch of Yum)
Don't be intimidated by the lasagna branding. This pasta is more of a casserole type dish. With a quick 15-minute prep time, and an hour bake time, you can let the dish cook while you tend to other more important duties (like reading a book).
6. French onion green bean casserole
This green bean casserole combines the green beans with the savory and sumptuous flavor of French onion soup minus the beef stock. Get the full recipe here.
7. Enchilada pasta casserole (h/t What 2 Cook)
An enchilada in pasta form? Yes, please! All the flavors of a traditional Mexican dish in an easy-to-bake pasta form. The best part, this dish only takes 35 minutes from start to finish. It only serves six, so you may need to double the recipe for bigger parties.
8. Cheesy ground beef and rice (h/t Food Lovin' Family)
While this tasty dish certainly is a guilty pleasure, it's a little easier to ignore the guilt since the casserole is stuffed with carrots, broccoli, and rice (opt for brown if you want to make it even healthier).
9. Philly cheesesteaks
The combination of beef, cheese, onion, and rolls make this casserole a hearty option if you have to provide the main dish at the next party. The recipe takes about an hour from start to finish, but I'm guessing it'll be gone in way less time! Get the full recipe here.
10. Ham and cheese pretzel bites (h/t Pip and Ebby)
Check out this recipe if you want to be the cool kid at the party! Now you'll need some simple (very) baking skills and a little patience, but the ham and cheese goodness stuffed into a pretzel will make you the talk of the party.
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