10 delicious Southern chicken dishes that make it impossible to say no to a second helping

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Chicken is a great meat because it can be transformed in nearly any cuisine. This list includes some of the best southern recipes featuring chicken. From cream-based sauces to pulled barbecue and fried chicken, we've covered plenty of options to keep your kitchen humming.
Check out some of these classic southern chicken dishes when you want to give your weeknight dinner an upgrade.
1. Grandma's southern-style chicken n' dumplings (h/t The Grateful Girl Cooks)
You start with a whole chicken and end with a bowl of chicken and dumplings. And the dumplings... you'll make those from scratch. Even with the little extra work, this dish is ready to eat in less than two hours.
2. Parmesan baked chicken (h/t The Southern Lady Cooks)
This recipe is a family favorite. My kids gobble it up like crazy (they like the cracker-based crust). The yogurt adds flavor and thickness to the coating, so it sticks to the chicken better.
3. Chicken cordon bleu (h/t Bread Booze Bacon)
You probably never thought chicken cordon bleu and easy would be in the same sentence. But, this dish only takes five minutes to prep. You don't even have to roll your chicken (everything goes on top). Try this recipe with potatoes or a salad.
4. Chicken and rice (h/t She Wears Many Hats)
Simple, classic southern at it's finest. The chicken and rice are allowed to speak for themselves in this memory-inducing favorite. The trick to mastering this recipe is cooking the chicken until it's tender enough to fall off the bone.
5. Bourbon pecan chicken (h/t Spicy Southern Kitchen)
The chicken with honey and bourbon sauce is a great option if you want to dress up a comfort food for guests. You'll get a hit of spicy, sweet, and crunch, for a perfect blend of flavor and texture. Pro tip: Cut your breasts into thinner pieces, so they cook faster.
6. Spicy southern chicken spaghetti (h/t Delightful-Delicious-Delovely)
This version of chicken spaghetti is a little on the spicy side (it includes chilies, sriracha, and red pepper) but you can quickly tame it down with more soup or by eliminating the hot sauce. Pro tip: when reheating the next day, add a little milk and more melted cheese for extra moisture.
7. Chicken and Vegetable Pot Pie (h/t Merck Engage)
There's nothing quite like a homemade pot pie. The flaky crust is filled with chicken, peppers, carrots, peas and a creamy broth. It's the perfect southern chicken dish for a cold fall night.
8. Chicken and Collards Pilau h/t My Recipes)
This fancy southern chicken dish looks pretty and tastes divine. It's an excellent option for family dinner or a party. The recipe is stuffed with smoked sausage, celery, carrots, collard greens, and rice, creating a true southern comfort meal.
9. Slow cooker barbecue chicken (h/t Dine&Dash)
Barbecue chicken and the south go together like cookies and milk. This recipe is perfect for creating a tender pulled chicken. Your slow cooker will do most of the hard work but plan on letting the meat cook for at least six hours.
10. Buttermilk country fried chicken (h/t Pillsbury)
If you struggle to get the batter right for a good fried chicken, you've probably never tried this one. The mixture is simple, quick and cheap. But you will need about 2 hours to get the crispiness just right.
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