7 vegetarian dinners that will have you coming back for seconds

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In most households, dinner time can be hectic and chaotic. Sometimes after working a long day the last thing you want to do is come home and cook — especially if you're not prepared.
On another note, finding delicious vegetarian dinner options can also be quite a chore. To help out in that department, here are 7 vegetarian dishes that you can make for dinner and keep your family fed and happy.
1. Broccoli rice stuffed peppers (h/t A Spicy Perspective)
If you've never enjoyed the scrumptiousness that is a stuffed pepper then you need to mark this recipe down on your cooking calendar. Stuffed with rice and broccoli these peppers are a tasty vegetarian dinner option.
2. Roasted sweet potato and black bean quesadillas (h/t Don't go Bacon My Heart)
I am a big fan of quesadillas but I think it's time to shake things up a bit. These roasted sweet potato and black bean quesadillas will be a tasty meal to break up the week. Serve these up on a Wednesday!
3. Roasted chickpea gyro (h/t Live Eat Learn)
Channel your inner Greek chef when you make these chickpea gyros that are jam packed full of flavour. You won't even notice that the meat that is commonly found in these is missing.
4. Vegan Jambalaya (h/t Cilantro and Citronella)
Bring a Southern feel to your dinner when you whip up a pot of this vegan jambalaya. You'll thoroughly enjoy the rich tomato-rice taste of this divine dish.
5. Vegetarian chili (Cookie and Kate)
All the heartiness in chili lies in the meat, but don't worry this chili can stand on its own. Rich and hearty in flavour the spices and veggies take over in this one. Just try it out for yourself and see!
6. Creamy tomato and spinach pasta (h/t Budget Bytes)
Pasta lovers rejoice! Here's a tasty pasta dish for your devour. Who needs meat when you have tomato and spinach. Make this up at the end of a long week, sit back and enjoy with a nice glass of wine.
7. Sweet potato black bean burger (h/t Isabel Eats)
Well since we just talked about Friday, what's for diner Saturday? Sweet potato and black bean burgers? If you said yes, good on you! You're gonna love these burgers. Perfect for a backyard bbq.
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