8 of the best soups that'll give you a little taste of comfort

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There's something about a hot bowl of soup and thick bread that makes the world feel just a little brighter. Whether you're dealing with heartbreak, trouble at work or you just need to unwind, grabbing a comforting bowl of soup is just the ticket in most cases.
We've pulled together a few of the yummiest recipes for soups that are sure to warm your belly, and your spirits.
1. Broccoli cheese soup (h/t Diethood)
This soup is perfect for warming up your insides with a little less guilt. Crammed with broccoli, carrots, and onions, you'll increase your veggie intake while filling your belly with cheesy goodness. Each one-cup serving only has about 250 calories.
2. Roasted butternut squash soup (h/t Ahead of Thyme)
This no-fuss soup is easy to toss together. Once you chop up the veggies, this soup practically cooks itself. The recipe makes about 10 cups. Pro tip: If you don't like spice, skip the red pepper powder in favor of a pinch of chili powder.
3. Sausage potato and spinach soup (h/t Damn Delicious)
A good comfort soup should be warm, filling and delicious. This recipe knocks all three of those categories out of the park. The best part is that you can have this meal on the table in about 30 minutes.
4. Asiago bisque (h/t Chef in Training)
Just the name of this soup adds a little classiness to your soup and bread dinner plans. Sauteed veggies, potatoes, bacon, and cheese combine for a comfort-food homerun. Pair with a salad for a lighter touch.
5. Chickpea noodle soup (h/t Umami Girl)
This vegan dish is a quick option that's ready to eat in less than 30 minutes. Crammed full of fall veggies like carrots, celery, and onion, this soup is an excellent upscale of the traditional chicken and noodle soup (without the chicken). In fact, if you want to make the soup more filling (and you like meat), try shredding some rotisserie chicken into the batch.
6. Roasted tomato garlic soup (h/t Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen)
This recipe feels rustic. Taking time to roast the vegetables (and garlic) before adding them to the soup makes a considerable difference in the flavor. Pair this with a classic grilled cheese sandwich for the perfect winter meal.
7. Cheeseburger gnocchi soup (h/t Miss in the Kitchen)
This hearty soup is table-ready in about an hour. As the soup is stuffed with ground beef, gnocchi, and cheese, it's filling enough to stand on its own as a meal. Though, you could add a salad some garlic bread for an extra touch.
8. Tortellini minestrone soup (h/t Together as a Family)
Cheese-filled tortellini in soup? Yes, please. The filling soup is excellent with some french bread, and it holds over great as a freezer meal or leftovers. Pro tip: Don't put your zucchini in until the last 10 minutes if you prefer the vegetable to stay a little firmer.
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