8 vegetarian soups you can whip up in your crock pot

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Crock pots are an essential piece of kitchen kit at this time of year and they're just as vital to vegetarian food lovers as they are to carnivores! A slow cooker soup on a chilly day is absolute bliss.
Serve up any of these recipes to your friends and family and trust us, no one is going to miss the meat! Easy to prep and even easier to eat, grab a spoon and pick your favorite out of these cracking crockpot soups!
1. Curried butternut squash soup (h/t Little Spice Jar)
With its natural sweetness and autumnal looks, butternut squash makes deliciously smooth and nourishing soup. This easy to follow recipe makes two brilliant additions - apples and cinnamon - for a beautifully fragrant flavor.
2. Vegan slow cooker black bean soup (h/t Making Thyme For Health)
Black beans are tasty, satisfying and perfect in a slow cooker as they hold their shape well if you prefer a chunky texture to your soup. This recipe elevates the simple ingredients with a clever mix of spices, including chipotle chili powder, for a healthy and zingy dish with a touch of savory smoke.
3. Tomato basil and parmesan soup (h/t The Chunky Chef)
That sounds pretty good, doesn't it? All of your favorite Italian flavors in one amazing soup. With a handful of fresh basil and shredded parmesan cheese, this rich and creamy soup is a perfect family dish as well as being impressive enough for guests.
4. Slow cooker sweet potato corn chowder (h/t Running On Real Food)
What kind of line up would this be without chowder? In this tempting version, alongside the golden corn and sweet potato, there's an aromatic base of celery and garlic to give real body to the soup and dash of chili powder to keep this classic recipe really interesting.
5. Anti-inflammatory broccoli ginger turmeric soup (h/t Sweet Peas and Saffron)
This amazing dish is so chock-full of good stuff, coughs and colds don't stand a chance. But nutritious and healthy doesn't mean sacrificing a deep and satisfying flavor. Sautéing the leeks in butter adds richness, while the turmeric and sesame oil add a flavorsome punch.
6. Vegetarian lentil tortilla soup (h/t Peas and Crayons)
This is an excellent soup for hungry appetites, rich with spices, cream, and beans. What makes this the perfect family meal is the range of suggested toppings, including shredded cheese, yogurt, crushed tortilla chips and sliced avocado, so that everyone can pile on their favorites and tuck in!
7. Slow cooker mushroom soup (h/t Skinny Ms.)
There's something particularly soothing about mushroom soup. Its earthy creaminess manages to taste indulgent and virtuous at the same time somehow. Before throwing everything into the crockpot, this recipe calls for white balsamic vinegar to be simmered to a gently sweet reduction which gives a fantastic flavor to the finished dish.
8. Slow cooker broccoli cheddar cheese soup (h/t Dinner Then Dessert)
If you make no other slow cooker vegetarian soups this autumn, then at least try this one. Rich with cheese and cream, and nutritious with broccoli and yellow onion, this recipe really is a hug in a bowl. A bread bowl. Yep, you can serve this fabulous soup in individual toasted, hollowed-out sourdough loaves for the the ultimate comfort food experience!
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