9 of the best potato dishes that'll remind you of Mom's home cooking

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When we feel like food to cozy down with, the recipes we often turn to are the ones that comforted us when we were kids. Whether chipped, fried, mashed, sauteed in oil or steamed with butter, the humble potato has been soothing frazzled nerves and satisfying appetites for countless generations.
We’ve rounded up a few homestyle favorites that might just take you back to when you couldn’t quite reach the kitchen counter. Why not try one of these delicious dishes the next time you need your food to hug you right back?
1. Slow cooker cheesy bacon ranch potatoes (h/t Damn Delicious)
Get your slow cooker on standby: It’s Crock-Pot weather. Since nothing bad ever came from putting potatoes, cheese and bacon together, this dish, with the smart addition of ranch seasoning, is perfect to prep in the morning and enjoy at the end of a long day.
2. Best herb roast potatoes (h/t Two Purple Figs)
We’re not arguing with the title of this potato-lovers' recipe; these might just be the best herby roast potatoes you'll ever have the good fortune to eat. Loaded with fragrant herbs and dripping with melted butter, these potatoes are perfect alongside virtually anything you fancy eating!
3. Perfect mashed potatoes (h/t Favorite Family Recipes)
Who doesn’t love that ultimate comfort food, mashed potatoes? This recipe distinguishes itself from the competition with the genius addition of sour cream, which gives a fantastic creamy smoothness to an old favorite.
4. Funeral potatoes, aka cheesy potato casserole (h/t The Best Blog Recipes)
We could make any number of jokes about this being a dish to die for, but really, despite the name, no one needs to shuffle off this mortal coil to enjoy it. Hash browns are casseroled in a cheesy, creamy sauce with crushed fried onions and Doritos in a combination so delicious, it could probably bring the dead back to life.
5. Broccoli and cheddar twice-baked potatoes (h/t Baker by Nature)
The addition of broccoli in these fabulous baked potatoes makes you feel virtuous, even as you tuck into the strings of melting cheese and the silky, buttery potato. Comfort food that manages to be a little bit healthy as well? This awesome recipe nails it.
6. Parmesan duchess potatoes (h/t Striped Spatula)
I remember my mom serving duchess potatoes at dinner parties, and they would also make a welcome appearance at holiday time. The combination of crispy outer shell and fluffy potato inside is always a winner, but this recipe has a dash of savory magic with the addition of Parmesan cheese.
7. Three-cheese gnocchi mac & cheese (h/t 4 Sons 'R' Us)
With its combination of three types of your favorite cheese, this recipe is so comforting, you need to climb into your pajamas before eating it. Make this dish of melting deliciousness whenever the world seems too much to bear. Everything will seem better after eating it, we guarantee.
8. Lemon and thyme potato wedges (h/t Olive Tree Kitchen)
You could serve these citrus-herby wedges alongside chicken or fish, but they’re also perfect for curling up in front of a movie with. Be a big kid again; just grab your favorite dips and hunker down!
9. Southern-style mustard potato salad (h/t It's Yummi)
Not all comfort foods have to be served hot, as this fabulous potato salad recipe demonstrates. The warming kick you get from the mustard elevates this creamy and satisfying dish into something pretty darn special.
10. Scalloped potato, ham and cheese casserole
Potato casseroles are always a crowd-pleaser. They're hearty, flavorful and, usually, super easy to prepare. Today we bring you an outstanding one: a comforting scalloped potato, ham and cheese casserole. This delicious treat can be served as a side dish or as a main course that will delight all your family members. Get the full recipe here.
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