Choose from these 8 recipes and serve up something for dinner that's healthy but also tasty

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A popular misconception about healthy eating is that it's boring, bland or gross. And while these dishes do contain less sugar, butter, and salt than popular dishes you'll find at your local diner, they're just as satisfying for your taste buds as they are for your health.
If you're ready to try some new recipes that taste great and won't leave you feeling guilty, try one of these dinners tonight:
1. Kale and sweet potato curry
Cooktop Cove
Sweet potato and coconut make a lovely pair in this creamy Thai-inspired curry. This recipe also boasts hearty kale for an earthy flavor and tons of vitamins. It's a treat the whole family will love. Get the full recipe here.
2. Low-carb zucchini tacos
Cooktop Cove
Filling hollowed-out zucchini with seasoned taco meat and cheese is a smart way to enjoy all the taco flavors you love without the carbs. I use ground turkey here, but you could easily substitute for another protein. Get the full recipe here.
3. Low-carb chicken tacos
Cooktop Cove
Using cheese to make crunchy taco shells is pure genius. Who doesn't love cheese on their tacos, so how could anyone not love a taco shell that's made out of cheese? Add some shredded lettuce and spicy salsa, and you're in taco heaven. Get the full recipe here.
4. Sweet potato chickpea buddha bowl
Cooktop Cove
Sweet potatoes – the bright orange-fleshed type – are one of my favorite vegetables to cook with, both for their stunning color and for their high nutrient density. This recipe pairs sweet roasted sweet potatoes with protein- and fiber-full chickpeas in a grain-free Buddha bowl that is sure to satisfy any appetite. Get the full recipe here.
5. Baked honey garlic salmon in foil
This heart-friendly dish is also time-friendly. You can have the flaky fish ready to serve in less than 30 minutes. Serve with a salad, quinoa, or your favorite whole wheat bread to turn this 2-person dish into a meal for four. Check out the full recipe from Eat Well 101.
6. Spinach quesadillas
You can nosh on three wedges of this quesadilla for less than 300 calories! Filled with goodies like spinach, tomato, onion, and cheese, this dish is fast and kid-friendly too. Try serving with a low-sodium soup when you're feeling extra hungry. Check out the full recipe from Taste of Home.
7. Low-carb bacon & Brussels sprouts gratin
Cooktop Cove
Gratin recipes are one of the most popular recipes online, but they can be too rich and heavy. Brussels sprouts take over the job of the potatoes here, and they do it perfectly. They're hearty and become just as soft as potatoes when roasted. Check out the full recipe here.
8. Turkey stuffed sweet potatoes
Feed the family in a hurry with a recipe that combines the best parts of Thanksgiving in one meal! Save time on the baking the sweet potatoes by cooking them in the microwave and this dish is ready in 20 minutes! Each serving is 267 calories and contains 21 grams of protein. Check out Cookin Canuck for the full recipe.
Don't forget to share these recipe ideas with your friends and family so they can enjoy a yummy dinner that's healthy too!
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