6+ effective ways to get the most of the space under your kitchen sink

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The area under your kitchen sink may seem a bit confusing. It is a great storage space, but the plumbing located within your kitchen sink cabinet makes it awkward. Most kitchen sink cabinets do not contain shelves or drawers, which gives you an excellent blank space for organization.
There are many ways you can transform the space into an amazing kitchen storage area. You don't have to spend a fortune, many ideas require inexpensive storage solutions found at your local discount store. All you need to do is think creatively.
1. Use tension rods to create storage (h/t Rakuten)
Tension rods are inexpensive, adjustable curtain rods that require no hardware. You simply install them wherever you wish inside your cabinet. By installing two tension rods, you can create an angled "shelf" for hold plastic or wire baskets. Look how this method adds easy-to-access storage in little time with no tools at all!
2. Get lazy and spin (h/t Mommy Suite)
It always seems like the one thing you need is always at the very back of a cabinet. You get down, reach back, and knock things over, creating a mess. Spin things around to the front with a Lazy Susan. This solution is perfect for cleaning supplies you use frequently. You can find Lazy Susans in a variety of sizes to fit your space perfectly.
3. Install Command hooks to hang things up (h/t Command)
Don't ignore the vertical space on the inside of your kitchen cabinet door. Using Command hooks allows you to hang things up with zero damage to your cabinets. You can easily reach the things you use often by simply opening the door. It can't get any easier than this!
4. Create custom storage with dollar store baskets
If you are handy with a few power tools, you can build your own custom shelving under your sink to hold dollar store baskets. These adorable pull-out drawers look amazing and function well. You can easily customize the shelves to fit baskets you already own.
5. Grab containers you already have (h/t IHeart Organizing)
You don't have to rush out and purchase all new containers to create a useful space under your kitchen sink. By using the ones you already, have you can save a lot of money. This kitchen sink area features a mix of different containers for a clean and tidy look.
6. Carry a cleaning bucket (h/t At Home With Nikki)
Keeping your frequently used cleaning supplies contained within a bucket allows you to quickly grab it and go. All you need is to place the basket back in the cabinet when you are finished. Everything stays organized and saves you a lot of time.
7. Hang your paper towels (h/t Love of Family and Home)
Your paper towels are a necessity, but simply don't fit into your kitchen. Save space on your counters by installing a paper towel holder under your kitchen sink. It will fit easily into the space you aren't already using. The paper towels stay handy, yet hidden.
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