7 tasty low-carb soups that'll actually keep your tummy full

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Low-carb eating is an increasingly popular means of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. Low carb means that you can still enjoy a lot of the rich, delicious foods that are "banned" because they are on traditional, calorie-counting diets.
But sometimes, low carb can be a bit light, not really filling enough to get you through the day. With that in mind, watch these videos featuring delicious low-carb recipes that truly satisfy your hunger.
Cauliflower chowder
With enough richness and flavor to make sure that you don't miss carbs, this yummy recipe makes effective use of deeply satisfying flavors. Get the recipe here.
Slow cooker low-carb taco soup
This dish is quite something. Because it's meaty, creamy and rich, you'll certainly feel satisfied after a bowl of this fabulous taco soup. The seasoning is spot on, with the fresh cilantro at the end of cooking adding a fresh zip of aromatic flavor. Get the recipe here.
Low-carb broccoli cheese soup
Broccoli and cheese are a dream combination, and that harmonious partnership is shown off to great effect in this delicious soup. Get the recipe here.
Mexican chicken lime soup
Give soup some heat! Chiles can really dial up the flavor and the spicy warmth is super-satisfying. Get the recipe here.
Cream of chicken soup with bacon
Chicken soup for the soul, they say, and who would disagree? Warming and soothing, with bacon propping up that delicious creamy chicken flavor, this cozy recipe will become a family favorite. Get the recipe here.
Pumpkin chipotle soup
This soup is absolutely delicious and a perfect winter warmer. Spices, chipotles and pumpkin puree are enriched with cream for a silky, satisfying soup that's also extremely hearty. Get the recipe here.
Jalapeno bacon cheddar soup
It's hard to imagine that a gently simmered combination of cheese, cream, jalapeños, bacon and a few select spices could taste anything but amazing. This dish does not disappoint. Rich and hearty, this is low-carb eating at its most delicious. Get the recipe here.
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