You don't have to sacrifice dessert to be healthy. Here are 7 scrumptious healthy desserts

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Dessert has an unfortunate reputation for being unhealthy, and. it's usually the first thing to go when someone starts a healthier "diet." But, you can eat healthily and still enjoy a few desserts. Each of the recipes on this list includes wholesome ingredients that aren't just added as lip service.
Before you scratch your favorite dessert off the list, check out one of these recipes and see just how easy it is to add some nutrition to everyone's favorite meal of the day.
1. Fudgy avocado brownies with avocado frosting (h/t Frugal Mom Eh!)
Not only do these brownies include avocado (a heart-healthy fat), they also feature dark chocolate (heart healthy), and honey as a sweetener. The avocado helps keep this pastry super moist. Bonus: Each brownie only has 106 calories and 8.5 grams of sugar.
2. Low-carb 3-ingredient peanut butter cookies
There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a crumbly peanut butter cookie, except maybe one that’s been dunked in a tall, cold glass of (dairy-free) milk. With the recipe below, all that can be yours. With just 3 ingredients and about 20 minutes, you can make your peanut butter cookie dreams a reality. Get the full recipe here.
3. Three-ingredient cookie (h/t Listotic)
This cookie could hardly get any simpler or healthier! All you need is three ingredients, and not one of them is sugar! If you're not a chocolate fan, swap out the cacao powder for cinnamon or another flavor.
4. Frozen yogurt bark (h/t Diethood)
This dish is as pretty as it is sweet. But, the best part of this dessert is that most of the sweetness comes from the berries (and a little agave). You can make a batch of these and store them in the freezer so you always have a healthy option when you're craving sweets.
5. Dark chocolate peanut butter and banana bites (h/t Smile Sandwich)
These mini bites are perfect for a healthier dessert for a party or just to have on hand to combat sugar cravings. These are easy to make and low in added sugar. This perfect treat stores well in the freezer too (just use a sealed container).
6. Healthy apple crisp (h/t Healthy Liv)
There's something about fall and winter that just cries out for hot apples and cinnamon. Save a few calories (and cut sugar) with this healthier alternative to apple pie. Bonus: All of the ingredients are natural. No "low-fat" cheats here.
7. Clean eating Dole whip (h/t Dashing Dish)
It's pretty. It's pink. It's impossibly easy to make. You just toss all of our ingredients into a blender and mix. This recipe allows you to add just 1 to 2 tablespoons of your choice of sweetener so that you can embrace the natural sugars of the fruit.
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