Hang a bundle of chalk in your closet for this brilliant reason (+ 6 closet hacks)

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Have you ever thought about how much money you have in that little space in your bedroom? Whether you have a massive clothing collection or a capsule wardrobe, you can always improve your closet.
These helpful tips and hints will protect your clothes, give you more space, and make getting ready easier. All you need are a few creative ideas and a closet.
1. Reduce moisture (h/t One Good Thing By Jillee)
Because your closet is a closed space in your home, moisture can build up. Reduce moisture and protect your clothes by hanging a bundle of chalk from a decorative hook. The chalk absorbs moisture and costs as little as a dollar a box.
2. Keep clothes where they belong (h/t In My Own Style)
Make your own no slip hangers and keep your shirts and dresses in place. All you need is a package of pipe cleaners. Wrap around the hanger and their fuzzy texture will grab even the silkiest fabrics.
3. Keep small purses organized (h/t Fabulous Fashions)
Small purses, clutches, and wallets can get easily lost in your closet. This adorable clutch holder is actually a lid rack from the kitchen storage section. The wide spacing allows you to safely slide in your clutches.
4. Save space with shower curtain rings (h/t The Storage Geek)
Cami tops and tanks can take up a lot of room if you hang them on individual hangers. Use this creative way to hang mulitple camis on one hanger with the assistance of plastic shower curtain rings. You can use this hack for belts, scarves, and even flip flops.
5. Maximize closet space with pop tabs (h/t The Shabby Creek Cottage)
Use up only one hanger spot with this amazing use of soda pop tabs. You can create your own customized storage saving hangers by looping them through pop tabs. They won't stretch out like the cheap plastic commercial hangers.
6. Keep small items in baskets (h/t The Decor Fix)
Wire baskets fit neatly on unused wall space and provide the perfect storage solution for small items and accessories. The wire mesh allows you to see the items. You'll find you use what you have if it isn't hidden away.
7. Organize by day (h/t Make Life Lovely)
Adding daily dividers will save you and your children time getting ready in the morning. These free printables will help you get ready in the morning without even thinking about what to wear. Just pick out your clothes once a week and place in the proper place.
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