8 low carb pizzas that you don't have to feel guilty about

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Sometimes we want to lose the inches but not our appetite. Why should we? There are plenty of delicious low-carb solutions to satisfy our cravings. Pizza is no exception.
Here are 8 low-carb pizzas that you don't have to feel guilty about. Fair warning, once you sample these recipes, you may never want to go back to carb-laden dough pizzas.
1. Fathead pizza crust (h/t Wholesome Yum)
It's been called the Holy Grail of low-carb pizza. Fathead pizza is considered the best low-carb solution to pizza out there. Best of all, it's four simple ingredients - two cheeses, coconut flour, and eggs. Make it your own with your favorite toppings and your set. You won't be able to tell the difference.
2. Cauliflower pizza crust (h/t One Good Thing)
Who knew cauliflower could be so delicious? This low-carb gluten-free pizza will make a believer out of you. Add your favorite toppings and enjoy!
3. Delicious almost no carb pizza (h/t 730 Sage Street)
If a pizza dough has cream cheese in it, you know it's delish! The dough on this nearly no carb pizza is quite a departure from other no-guilt crusts. Eggs, parmesan, cream cheese, and seasonings come together to make a quiche-like crust. Yum!
4. Low carb pepperoni pizza (h/t Ruled.me)
Keto dieters, rejoice! Finally, a high-protein pizza that tastes just like its high-carb counterpart. Even pizza connoisseurs will love this recipe. Tip: Use parchment paper if you don't have a silpat to keep the pizza from sticking.
5. Portobello pizzas (h/t Cafe Delites)
Portobello mushroom lovers - you're welcome! These are to die for! No fussing over homemade crusts. These easy-to-make little bites of heaven are ready in 10 minutes. Fair warning: They may just become your new addiction.
6. Low carb eggplant pizza bites (h/t Gimme Delicious)
This recipe is easy peasy with 6 simple ingredients. Slice up eggplant rounds and layer on the toppings. Great as appetizers or part of a meal with a salad. Even the kids will love them.
7. Keto chicken crust taco pizza (h/t I Breathe I'm Hungry)
Do you love pizza and tacos? Why should you have to choose? Have both in this genius creation. The combination is a nice departure from standard pizza favorites.
8. Low carb deconstructed pizza (h/t Kalyns Kitchen)
Sometimes we want all those delicious pizza toppings and could care less about the crust, right ladies? Who wants to make a homemade crust when we've been working all day? Kalyn's deconstructed pizza is the answer to our low-carb prayers.
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