9 tasty low carb dinners that are jam-packed with protein

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These days, we all seem a little more concerned with eating high-quality food that's low in carbs and high in protein, yet huge on flavor.
Who says eating nutritionally-dense food has to be boring? These recipes are anything but! Here are 9 scrumptious creative dinners you can actually enjoy while doing your body good.
1. Southwest chicken detox soup (h/t A Spicy Perspective)
Most of us feel the need to do a cleansing detox before we commit to eating healthier. This Southwestern chicken detox soup will do the job. It's everything good and delicious - low fat, low carb, paleo, gluten-free, and best of all, you'll feel amazing!
2. Spinach mushroom and feta crustless quiche (h/t Budget Bytes)
This is one quiche you don't have to feel guilty about enjoying. Best of all, it's a quick, easy, and delicious low carb meal when you don't have time to cook. This 3-cheese quiche is rich and satisfying too!
3. Creamy Verde chicken chili (h/t Unsophisticook)
This super easy chili is unique and divine. Just put the ingredients in your slow cooker or Instapot, simmer, and enjoy with shredded cheese and avocado garnish. The okra and cauliflower rice are a nice hidden surprise way to get all those veggies in.
4. Smothered chicken with creamed spinach, bacon, and mushrooms (h/t Julia's Album)
This dish is so decadent, you'll forget how good it is for you. If you like stuffed chicken breasts and smothered chicken, there's no need to choose which one you'll cook. This dish has a little of both and a whole lotta YUM!
5. Eggroll in a bowl with creamy chili sauce (h/t 40 Aprons)
This Whole 30-friendly dish is great when you have to get your eggroll fix on, but don't want to ruin the diet.
6. The best healthy turkey chili (h/t Ambitious Kitchen)
With cooler weather approaching, this is just perfect. This recipe has just the right amount of heat. If you want a little extra heat, add a jalapeno to spice things up.
7. Mustard pork tenderloin with grilled veggies in foil (h/t Well Plated by Erin)
Once you grill veggies in foil packets, you'll never cook them any other way. The Dijon mustard and maple syrup glazed marinade lend a delicious flavor to this tenderloin. Trust me, this will become a new favorite!
8. Quinoa and kale power protein salad (h/t Foodie Crush)
The power protein in this salad is made up of quinoa, chickpeas, and pistachios. But, it's the clementine oranges and pomegranate seeds that make this salad go "POW"! They add a nice balance to sweeten things out.
9. Crispy slow cooker carnitas (h/t Cafe Delites)
Hold on to your taste buds! I saved the best for last! This Mexican version of pulled pork will be the best you've ever had! The fork-tender meat yields so much flavor, you'll be shouting "Delicioso!"
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