Pack yourself a Southern picnic with these 9 easy to make dishes

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If you want to go on a real Southern picnic, then you need to head to the kitchen and whip up a few of these all-time favorite recipes. Whether you are sitting around the table or have the spread laid out on a blanket outside, you can't go wrong with some of the most delicious Southern foods out there.
The great thing about most Southern recipes is that they may be easy to make and even easier to pack up, but they never skimp on flavor. You have to try some of these!
1. Hot water cornbread (h/t I Heart Recipes)
You won't believe how easy this recipe is! It only takes a few minutes and a couple of ingredients and you are enjoying a crispy, light cornbread patty. This is the perfect side for any Southern-inspired meal.
2. Southern-style bean salad (h/t The McCallum Shamrock Patch)
A picnic isn't complete without a legendary salad. You'll love the pops of color and bursts of flavor in this simple, yet satisfying dish.
3. Deviled eggs (h/t Southern Lady Cooks)
Deviled eggs are the best picnic food. They are easy to make, easy to eat, and they are always a crowd pleaser. They will disappear in no time!
4. Favorite fried chicken (h/t Food Network)
Fried chicken is an excellent main course for picnics. It's a finger food by design which makes it an excellent option for outdoor gatherings. Moist on the inside and crisp on the outside is what makes this recipe so finger-licking good!
5. The best baked beans (h/t The Girl Who Ate Everything)
You can't go wrong with hearty baked beans. This is a must-have for any barbecue or picnic. You'll never serve the canned stuff ever again.
6. Southern potato salad (h/t Grits & Pinecones)
Another must-have is a classic Southern-style potato salad. The rich and creamy base coupled with the perfectly cooked potatoes is just what your picnic needs to bring a smile to everyone's face.
7. Easy picnic pasta salad (h/t Delicious Table)
Another great side option is a simple pasta salad. It's light yet delicious and complements other picnic dishes perfectly.
8. Picnic banana pudding (h/t The Country Cook)
This simple, yet tasty treat is a must-have at your next picnic. It's so easy to make and you'll love it's creamy texture and delicious banana flavor.
9. Watermelon sweet tea (h/t Dixie Crystals)
If you really want to blow everybody away, add this drink to the menu. It's a yummy twist on a classic Southern beverage. It's super simple to make, you literally just add watermelon to a simple sweet tea recipe! It's absolutely amazing down to the last drop.
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