Wrap yourself up a low carb snack when you make these 7 easy wraps

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Different variations on wrapping something yummy around something delicious appear in many diverse cuisines across the world. Why? Because it's a great way of combining tastes and textures.
Great for lunch boxes, taking to work and picnics, wraps are usually pretty easy to put together as well as being fun and delicious to eat! If you're also keen to eat low carb, then you'll love these recipes that wrap all your favorite flavors up nicely!
1. Turkey veggie snack wraps (h/t Delightful E Made)
Super quick and simple to make, these tasty little wraps are brilliant for when you need a speedy low carb snack! Tender turkey, crunchy peppers and creamy cheese make a perfect combination for a low carb bite!
2. Buffalo chicken lettuce wraps (h/t Ella Claire Inspired)
This recipe is incredibly satisfying and seriously delicious. Spiced-up chicken; crisp, fresh lettuce and creamy blue cheese make a glorious combination with a little ranch dressing as the finishing touch!
3. Shrimp salad cabbage cups (h/t Kalyn's Kitchen)
Another crunchy/creamy combination here, but this time with juicy shrimp and the fresh bite of raw cabbage. Healthy and tasty, this recipe dials the flavor right up by including some of that sweet shrimp juice in the dressing for a really awesome dish.
4. Vegan big fat nori wraps (h/t Eat Spin Run Repeat)
Need a low carb wrap that really satisfies and leaves you feeling pleasantly full? You need these nori wraps in your life. Colorful to look at and just as delicious, you'll end up wanting to add the sunflower seed and cilantro spread to everything you eat!
5. Teriyaki chicken lettuce wraps (h/t A Saucy Kitchen)
Love teriyaki chicken? These Chinese-inspired wraps are incredibly tasty and super healthy as well. Do add the green onion and sesame seeds at the end - they add a terrific layer of flavor along with the chopped nuts!
6. Low carb tortillas (h/t Ruled Me)
Can you still enjoy tortillas if you're following a low carb diet? Sure you can! Learn how to throw together this ingenious coconut flour version and you can put together any number of your tortilla-based favorites!
7. Egg wraps (h/t Ditch The Carbs)
Is there anything more versatile than the egg? This super useful recipe shows you how to make a simple egg wrap, which you can then use to fold around your own favorite low carb fillings. Once you've nailed the easy technique, the possibilities are endless!
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