12 dollar store organization ideas you just have to try

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Being organized does not mean you have to spend a fortune. Dollar stores provide you with many unique storage ideas at a fraction of the cost of professional organization solutions. With a little imagination, you can transform any space into a customized area.
From buckets to colorful bins, you can find most of these products for just a dollar each. Some are even cheaper. These 12 organization ideas will have you rushing to your nearest dollar store.
1. Keep bath toys contained (h/t Make It and Love It)
Bath toys can clutter up the bathroom. You have to lay them out to dry, but you don't want them all over. This simple solution uses an inexpensive mesh bag and suction cup hooks to hold bath toys where they can easily drain and dry until next time.
2. Create a portable craft organizer (h/t Craftionary)
This portable craft organizer lets you move craft essentials to wherever you are working without risk of spills or messes. The convenience of it comes at very little cost, as all pieces can be purchased from a dollar store. All you need is a picture frame and several plastic containers with lids.
3. Use plastic bins to keep bathroom shelves neat (h/t Imperfect Homemaking)
Bathroom shelves can quickly become cluttered with tolietries, hair care products and other essentials. You have to dig through them to find the things you need. Use plastic bins to easily organize things by category. Labels help remind others in your home where things belong.
4. Use a tension rod under your sink
A tension rod can help you use the most of the space underneath a sink. It allows you to hang spray bottles so they are easily accessible. Add a few colorful plastic bins underneath to hold items and the cabinet will stay nice and tidy.
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5. Control paper clutter
Paper clutter is one of the main organizational problems in most households. By developing a system of using ring binders, you can easily keep papers organized and easy to find. Each binder can contain documents: medical, financial, insurance and even tax receipts.
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6. Drawer organization that sticks (h/t Tatertots & Jello)
Using small containers in drawers usually doesn't work because things slide around. You can easily prevent this by adding velcro dots under the containers. A crowded makeup drawer quickly transforms into a well-organized makeup collection with wire storage bins.
7. Travel with your jewelry organized
You hate to slide your earrings and necklaces into makeup bags and luggage pockets because you could lose them. Necklaces become tangled and earrings are often lost. A dollar store pill organizer transforms into a convenient travel jewelry organizer. It will easily tuck into your purse, carry-on bag or luggage.
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8. Create an art station (h/t This is Happiness)
Crayons, coloring books, markers, stickers and other art supplies can provide hours of fun. Keep them on hand by organizing them in colorful plastic containers and baskets.
9. Hang up gift-wrapping supplies (h/t The Country Chic Cottage)
How many times have you purchased gift wrap for just one gift and then stashed the roll somewhere randomly in your house, never to be seen again? A hanging shoe organizer makes an excellent organizational solution for gift-wrapping supplies. You can easily hang it inside a closet door to keep it out of the way.
10. Use plastic zip bags to organize cookie cutters
If you love to bake, chances are that you have many cookie cutters. Organize cookie cutters by theme with help from plastic zip bags. You can easily pull out just what you need from a larger container or drawer without having to dig.
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11. Hang up necklaces
Necklaces are hard to organize. A dollar store accordian hanger allows you to hang them in a creative and attractive way. By using Command strips you can easily hang these accordian hangars on the wall or a closet door without worry.
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12. Organize small items in ice cube trays
Ice cube trays offer little cubbies just the right size for organizing small items such as office supplies, craft supplies, or hardware. The trays easily fit tucked into drawers or stacked on shelves.
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