7 super easy vegetarian recipes for people that just want to be lazy

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We've all been there. The clock says it's time to eat, but you have no time (or desire) to head to the kitchen for 30-minutes of prepping and cooking. Whether the snow gray sky has you down, or you just feel like taking it easy, having a few lazy-day dishes on hand can be a lifesaver.
Check out these vegetarian recipes you can fix in a pinch and feel your pre-meal blues fade away.
1. Broccoli-cheddar baked potatoes (h/t Budget Bytes)
This recipe takes just over an hour from start to finish, but, most of that time is baking. If you're feeling peckish, try poking some holes in your potatoes and tossing them in the microwave for 10 minutes (heat for five, rotate, and cook for another five) before topping with the broccoli/cheese sauce.
2. Black bean and tofu hash (h/t One Ingredient Chef)
Just because you don't have a lot of time, doesn't mean you can't have a filling meal. This recipe is easy to change based on the vegetables you already have in your fridge, so no need to fret about running out to the store.
3. Asparagus and cheese omelet (h/t Franglais Kitchen)
This five-ingredient dish is super easy and a perfect comfort food that's practically guilt-free. This egg dish tastes more like a souffle than an omelet. The cheese-filled center is just the right amount of gooey.
4. Creamy carrot and brie pasta (h/t Amuse your Bouche)
This 20-minute meal is super easy to toss together, but you'll feel like you are eating a dish that took much longer. If you've got a few extra minutes to spare, try adding a side of broccoli to round out the meal.
5. Smoky roasted vegetable hummus bowl (h/t The Kitchn)
You can eat this as a meal, or just toss it together for a (healthy) guilty-pleasure snack to enjoy while you catch up on your latest show. Serve this dip with toasted pitas or crackers.
6. One-pot pasta primavera (h/t Oh My Veggies)
An easy dish you can make in one pot? Yes, please. This hearty pasta dish takes 20 minutes from start to table. The recipe is full of veggies and spices, so while you'll save a ton of time cooking (and cleaning), your family will still get their fill of nutritious vitamins.
7. Bell Pepper Pizzas (h/t Peas and Crayons)
Not only is this recipe perfect for those lazy days, but it's also healthy (and low carb). Kids will love this recipe too, as you can change up your toppings to meet each family member's wants.
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