8 simple Southern dishes guaranteed to make dinner easy as it is tasty

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In the South, we love simple homemade fare that's also delicious. These Southern dishes were created to WOW! They'll make you proud to put them on the dinner table.
1. Southern-style chicken and waffles (h/t Garlic & Zest)
Admittedly, this recipe may seem to take more effort than the rest, but it's absolutely amazing and worth every bite. The chicken strips are easier to fry than a whole chicken. Get ready for dinner to be transformed into an extraordinary culinary delight! The flavor explosions here are to die for!
2. Slow-cooker jambalaya (h/t Le Creme De La Crumb)
Here in Louisiana, Jambalaya is a Cajun staple! This delicious one-pot meal is easy peasy. All the ingredients are thrown into the slow cooker and left to simmer. There are few dishes bursting with so much flavor! Trust me. This is one that's sure to be a hit!
3. Cajun chicken fettuccini alfredo (h/t Comfortably Domestic)
This yummy dish will feed a crowd. The spicy Cajun-coated chicken lends a nice kick and the nutmeg is a delicious surprise as well. Your foodies will think they're eating in a fine restaurant and forget they're eating at home.
4. Easiest every chicken and dumplings (h/t Key Ingredient)
Bet you thought dumplings had to be rolled and cut out? You'll be pleasantly surprised with this recipe. My husband's grandmother introduced me to these "dumplings." Store-bought flour tortillas make up the dumplings and trust me, you can't tell the difference. Talk about comfort food!
5. Chicken pot pie baked potato (h/t Life in the Lofthouse)
Here are two great comforting classics rolled into one. Baked potatoes and chicken pot pie. This is an awesome stick-to-your-rib comforting meal that's great on a chilly winter's day.
6. Taco shepherd's pie (h/t Five Heart Home)
Here's a great twist on two Southern favorites - shepherd's pie and tacos. Seriously, this Tex Mex infusion is to die for!
7. Easy turkey pot pie (h/t Aunt Bees Recipes)
This easy recipe will help you discover what you can do with all that leftover holiday turkey. Who doesn't adore turkey pot pie? That's some real comfort food right there!
8. Hamburger supreme casserole (h/t The Southern Lady Cooks)
Your whole family will devour this quick and easy casserole. Hamburger and cheese come together to make a delicious and hearty meal.
8. Best ever tuna noodle casserole (h/t Dash of Sanity)
I've noticed that even those who don't generally care for tuna love tuna casseroles like this. Especially, when they're the best ever! This one's so over the top with cheese that you may even forget there's tuna in there.
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