Bring the Deep South to your kitchen with these 7 satisfying recipes

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There's something to be said about Deep South cooking. The recipes are always the ultimate comfort food, sinfully delicious, and seem to cure any case of food funk. It's hard not to fall in love with this culture of food.
Whether you are a seasoned Southern cook or just trying something new, you are sure to find a dish that you'll turn to time and time again. Here are a few that you should add to that list.
1. Southern fried okra (h/t Revi's Foodography)
This recipe is the epitome of Southern food. It has a perfectly seasoned and crisp texture that only exists in the best deep fried recipes.
2. Southern style green beans (h/t Gonna Want Seconds)
This is a simple recipe that results in perfectly tender green beans with incredible flavor. Try this once and you'll never settle for anything else.
3. Southern potato salad
If you have a potluck scheduled in the future, you'll want to take notes. The incredible flavor of this recipe makes it a real crowd pleaser. Plus, it's very easy to make! Get the full recipe here.
4. The best sweet cornbread (h/t Cucina De Yung)
Cornbread pairs well with just about anything. Top with honey and butter and you have a real treat!
5. Fried pickles (h/t The Cookie Rookie)
The pickle lovers in your life with thank you for this one. The crunchy center coupled with the pickle flavor will make it impossible to just eat one!
6. Southern milk and honey corn on the cob (h/t McCallum's Shamrock)
Sweet corn is delicious, but sweet corn simmered in milk and honey is absolutely incredible! It's just the little something extra that takes this recipe from good to great. Tasty to the very last bite.
7. Simple Southern collard greens (h/t Everyday Made Fresh)
Simple to make, but a delicious taste. It's the best kind of recipe when you don't have a lot of time, but you still want a filling result. This dish is loaded with flavor with just the right amount of spice.
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