You would freak out if you knew how dirty your pillows actually are. Here's how you can clean them.

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Your pillowcases keep your pillows mostly clean, but you may notice that they begin to yellow over time. You don't have to toss them and buy new ones. This is the perfect time to give them a good cleaning to remove the dirt, sweat and grime that has built up while you sleep.
Just like your pillows, there are many other spots in your home that are easily cleaned with these helpful tips from expert homemakers. With easy solutions and budget-friendly products, you will find keeping your house spotless is an easy task.
1. Wash pillows in your washing machine
To get the freshest pillows possible just give them a spin in the washing machine. Add two machine-washable pillows at a time to your washer with 1/2 cup laundry detergent, 1/2 cup baking soda and 1 cup of bleach. Allow to soak in hot water for one hour, then allow the load to finish as normal. You can even throw them in the dryer. Adding a couple of dryer balls or tennis balls will help keep them nice and fluffy.
2. Clean fake plants with ease
Those beautiful fake greens you have make life easy - no watering and no fuss. However, dust does build up on them over time. Cleaning your fake plants is a simple process. Use your blow dryer to dislodge dust from the foliage. Clean silk flowers by placing them in a pillowcase with salt, cornmeal or rice. Shake the pillowcase gently to remove the dust. Clean plastic foliage gently with cold water.
3. Revive your kitchen faucet
You wipe down your kitchen faucet on a regular basis, but how often do you actually clean the underside? You may have noticed the water pressure isn't as strong as it used to be. Maybe your sprayer has gotten all funky. Mineral deposits can clog your faucet over time. All you need is vinegar, a plastic sandwich bag and a rubber band. Place the rubber band on the faucet, then place a bag filled with vinegar over the end of the faucet and secure with the rubber band. Wait 30 minutes then scrub with your dish scrubber. Your faucet will work like new!
4. Get rid of smelly trash cans
Whether it's an indoor trash bin or an outdoor can, you need to thoroughly clean and disinfect your trash can on a regular basis. Leaky bags can lead to mold, bacteria and awful odors. Cleaning trash cans is easier than you may think. Mix 1 gallon of hot water, 3/4 cup of bleach and 1 tablespoon powdered laundry detergent together. Add the mixture to the trash can and allow them to sit for 30 minutes. Use a brush with a long handle to scrub inside the can. Rinse clean and allow the trash can to air dry.
5. Get the grease out of your microwave filter
The silver filter on the underside of your above-oven microwave takes the most hits from grease and grime. Once it becomes clogged, your exhaust fan will struggle to do its job. Clean the filter at least once a month. It may look like a complicated task, but all you need to do is unscrew the filter and then soak it in hot soapy water and give it a good rinse.
6. Reduce germs on the remote control
How many people in your house touch the remote control every single day? Studies reveal that a remote control offers the ideal host for bacteria and viruses. All you need to do to protect your family is to regularly wipe the remote with a disinfecting wipe. You can even make your own electronics disinfectant by combining equal parts of rubbing alcohol and vodka.
With these six tips, you can keep everyday items in your home that you can use on a daily basis clean and germ-free.
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