9+ hacks for that bathroom that will change your life

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The bathroom is often the smallest room in your home but one of the most important. It should be a place where you feel comfortable getting ready to face the day and relaxing at the end of the day. Creating this comfort doesn't require a costly remodel.
These genius bathroom hacks use simple ideas to kick your bathroom up a notch. More storage, easier cleaning and creative solutions will make your bathroom one of your favorite places to spend time.
1. Install a handy toilet seat handle (h/t 5-Minute Crafts)
If you have boys in your home, you may have toilet seat issues. Remove that icky feeling of having to touch the seat by adding a toilet seat handle. Simply glue a spoon to the underside of the toilet seat.
2. Let the toilet brush drip dry (h/t Mrs. Hines' Class)
What to do with a wet toilet brush? If you simply place it back in the holder, you will end up with gross toilet water pooling in the base. If you have time to spare, simply prop it over the toilet bowl using the lid to hold it. The brush will drip dry in no time at all.
3. Fizz your way to a cleaner toilet
This DIY project creates an all-natural and effective toilet cleaner. All you have to do is drop a fizzy toilet cleaner into the toilet and let it do the work. Get the full recipe here.
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4. Remove rust from your toilet bowl
Rust stains can pop up in your toilet bowl if you have a high level of iron in your water. To eliminate rust and mineral deposits, turn to the garage. WD-40 contains solvents to break down these unsightly stains. Spray on, let rest and simply brush away.
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5. Increase bathroom storage space
Sometimes you need just a bit more storage space. Use a vintage idea to create more storage. By adding a skirt to your bathroom pedestal sink, you can "hide" baskets of necessaries. Using a modern fabric gives the look an updated feel.
6. Don't forget to clean the tank
How often do you open the toilet tank and peak inside? Many of the stains happening in the toilet bowl could be coming from your tank. Add vinegar to your toilet tank to clean your toilet from the tank down. Simply pour in, and then flush several times.
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7. Use Dollar Store baskets on cabinet doors (h/t Polished Habitat)
To get the most storage of any space, sometimes you need to look at the areas not being used. Hanging plastic baskets on the inside of sink vanity doors gives you a perfect place to stash things you use daily. Command hooks allow you to hang the baskets without any damage to the doors.
8. Hang towels out of the way (h/t Jenna Burger)
Small bathrooms often feel crowded when the walls are covered. Hang towels out of sight by installing towel rods or hooks on the back of the door. This unused space now has a purpose.
9. Get rid of urine smells
If you are raising boys, you may be struggling to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. Boys can often "miss the mark" and leave a mess. Use baking soda, fresh lemon juice, and vinegar to clean, disinfect, and freshen the area around your toilet.
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10. Hang a second shower rod (h/t Good Housekeeping)
When multiple products are essential, you quickly run out of space. Hang a second shower rod in your bathroom to hold sponges, net bags of bath toys, and extra shower caddies. S-hooks make it easy to add as many items as you need to the second shower rod.
11. Repurpose a beautiful piece of wood into a bath tray
Everyone needs a bit of spa time now and then. You can create a custom bath tray with some scrap of wood. It's just right to hold a glass of wine, a candle and a good book. Giving the wood a good rub with finishing oil will help protect it, and keep it beautiful for years.
12. Polish faucets with baby oil
Those splotches on your previously gleaming bathroom fixtures are a result of hard water and minerals. You may already have the solution in your bathroom. Erase mineral deposits and help prevent their return by polishing faucets lightly with mineral oil and a soft cloth.
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