Cabbage is just what you need and here are 7 delicious recipes to get you started

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Were you one of those kids who had to be told to eat their greens? Cabbage hasn't always been considered the most exciting food in the world, but that's all changing!
Packed with vitamins, minerals and great taste; chefs, foodies and health enthusiasts can't get enough of that green stuff! Fried, stuffed, braised, roasted...cabbage is amazingly versatile as well. Just take at look at these varied and brilliant ways of eating those lovely leaves!
1. Cabbage rolls with wild rice and mushroom stuffing (h/t Catching Seeds)
You have to try these cabbage rolls...the rice filling is so good, and the little parcels look pretty impressive if you're cooking for guests. You don't need to serve anything else with this dish; the combination of ingredients make it perfectly flavorsome and hearty just as it is!
2. Garlic roasted cabbage wedges (h/t Cooking Classy)
This is such a great recipe. Easy and quick to make, the cooking process adds a smoky complexity to the cabbage that is really delicious. Perfect as a side or light supper, it's a fresh take on an old favorite!
3. Thai coconut cabbage soup (h/t Cotter Crunch)
Oh my, this is good! All your favorite Thai flavors, with the crunch of shredded cabbage alongside those spices and the coconut milk. Beautifully balanced, just add your favorite type of tofu to make this dish your own!
4. Three bean country cabbage vegetable soup (h/t Steph in Thyme)
Hearty fare indeed! It's healthy as well, with a ton of vegetables and three different types of bean to ensure that you stay satisfied for longer. Perfect cold weather food, this is the kind of recipe that you'll love to pull out as the chilly days settle in!
5. Braised red cabbage with apples and pecans (h/t One Green Planet)
Great for a holiday buffet table, but also perfect just to serve alongside smoked tofu or a slice of vegetarian roast, this dish is beautifully crunchy, sweet and nutty all at the same time!
6. Peanut sesame slaw with soba noodles (h/t Cookie and Kate)
Some seriously addictive flavors and textures abound in this lovely dish. The crunch of cabbage, the soothing noodles and oh my, that peanut sauce! It's worth grabbing a lime to squeeze over this, as suggested - the aromatic citrus ties it all together beautifully!
7. Irish colcannon potatoes and cabbage (h/t The Spruce)
If any country knows what to do with potatoes and cabbage, it's Ireland. Leeks and nutmeg add even more flavor and a warming spice note to this traditional dish, and would delight anyone from the Emerald Isle itself!
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