The next time you have some friends over serve up one of these 8 healthy dips

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Whether you are in charge of bringing a dip for the next holiday party or you just want to toss together some easy dips for the next game night with your friends, you need to check out these recipes. These simple dishes are easy to make, and they're sure to be a hit!
Try any of these dishes with crackers, bread or veggies, and watch the food disappear faster than a toupee in a hurricane!
1. Creamy Greek yogurt spinach dip (h/t eHow)
This spinach dip is easy and takes just a few minutes to prep. You should keep it in the fridge for at least an hour, so the flavors meld together. If you don't have Greek yogurt, you can substitute with low-fat sour cream.
2. Avocado Greek yogurt ranch dip (h/t Cooking Classy)
There is a rule of thumb with healthy recipes: the fewer the ingredients, the healthier the dish. This dip only has four ingredients including heart-healthy avocado and protein-filled Greek yogurt. Serve this with a whole wheat cracker or veggies.
3. Skinny taco dip (h/t Yellow Bliss Road)
You can nosh on this tasty chip dip with less guilt! Stuffed full of veggies and light cream cheese, you can indulge in your favorite guilty pleasure, with a little less guilt. This recipe is fun because you can customize the toppings to fit your taste preference.
4. Creamy salsa dip (h/t Five Heart Home)
A little salsa, a little yogurt, and some seasoning equal a super tasty chip dip. This is an excellent option for guests with varying tastes in spice level. Adjust the hotness of the salsa for a little more or a little less heat.
5. Cinnamon peanut butter dip (h/t Six Sisters' Stuff)
This sweet dip is an excellent substitute for chocolate, caramel or other sugary dips. The best part is that this all-natural recipe is ready to eat in just five minutes!
6. Avocado feta crack dip (h/t Gather for Bread)
This one has a few more ingredients than some of the other dishes, but it still takes just 10 minutes to prep, and it's low cal. This is a dish you can make right before you serve it, or prep ahead of time if you want to let the flavors marinate.
7. Spicy cauliflower dip (h/t Macheesmo)
You'll need a little prep time to get this dip together. It takes about an hour from start to finish. If you are looking for a healthy substitute for a cheese dip, this one fits the bill. It does have some cheese in it, but it replaces sour cream with healthier Greek yogurt.
8. Greek Tzatziki (h/t Spend with Pennies)
This dip is reminiscent of what you would find it a Greek restaurant. It's creamy, tangy and fresh. You can use this as a topping on a pita (or fish taco) or just to as a dip for chips or vegetables. (Plus, if you've ever wondered what to use those odd-looking cucumbers for, now you have the chance to use one.)
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