Hollow out a spaghetti squash and then stuff it with these delicious toppings for a tasty dinner

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Squash is packed with vitamins, so it makes sense to include it in your diet. Some people think squash only works as a side dish, but it can be an awesome main course if you stuff it with some delicious fillings!
Even if you think you don't like squash very much, you're going to change your mind after you see these delicious stuffed squash recipes!
1. Spaghetti squash burrito bowl (h/t Making Thyme For Health)
This veggie-packed squash burrito bowl is to die for! It's stuffed with other healthy ingredients like salsa and beans as well, and the melted cheese on top keeps it from feeling too healthy.
2. Greek stuffed acorn squash (h/t Some the Wiser)
There's more to Greek food than falafel and Greek salad! This hearty Greek stuffed acorn squash is filled with quinoa, leafy greens, and beans, and topped with bread crumbs and two types of cheese. Yum!
3. Stuffed pattypan squash with pesto and mozzarella (h/t Best Slow Cooker Guide)
If you're in the mood for a stuffed squash in the middle of summer, why not make this stuffed pattypan squash with pesto and mozzarella? This delicious recipe is made in the slow cooker, so it's a great make-ahead meal.
4. Roasted squash stuffed with roasted vegetables (h/t Panning the Globe)
This roasted stuffed squash recipe is a dream come true for anyone who loves roasted vegetables! It's the perfect combination of healthy and delicious, and as a bonus, it's made with two different kinds of squash.
5. Mediterranean quinoa stuffed butternut squash (h/t My Food & Happiness)
Quinoa and squash go so well together, especially when combined with delicious Mediterranean flavors! The combination of the salty feta cheese and the sweet butternut squash in this recipe is simply to die for.
6. Moroccan chickpea stuffed acorn squash (h/t Eating Well)
Thanks to the chickpeas, this Moroccan stuffed acorn squash is packed with protein! The Moroccan flavors are delicious and warming, so this is truly an amazing meal for the fall or winter.
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